Acuhealer Therapeutic Insoles


Acuhealer Therapeutic Insoles triggers the stress points on the sole of your foot link with various parts of your body, and by boosting exact factors, you can eliminate strain, lower discomfort, boost blood flow, and increase energy levels.

Acuhealer Therapeutic Insoles

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Acuhealer Healing Insoles will certainly provide you the comfort as well as relief that your feet need as well as are entitled to. It features virtually 400 precisely-placed acupuncture indicate target crucial locations and motivate pain relief throughout your entire body.


  • Holistic recovery approach with Reflex Details of the Sole
  • Sturdy and efficient to freshen you
  • Magnets & Reflex points massage assists enhance blood circulation
  • Loosens Up Body And Mind As Well As Assists To Increase Efficiency
  • Shock absorbing, lightweight and sweat absorbing
  • Can cut the dimension according to the curling line readily available if required