Amazon vs Alibaba: Which is being strong World-Wide? [Infographic]


The Internet is ruling over the world nowadays. More and more people are using internet presently to accomplish all the tasks of the day. Online shopping has reached a peak these days and with that, people prefer to buy everything from online shops. Amazon is the largest e-commerce market in the world. Similarly, Alibaba is also one of the leading online markets of the globe. Let us compare both of them and see which one is better.

Characteristics of Amazon and Alibaba

Amazon is a kind of business to customer portal where customers can get different types of good such as electronics, garments, food items and other household items. It sells the goods directly to customers from 3rd parties. It also has the facility to purchase the goods in bulk if you want for your new business.

On the contrary, Alibaba is a marketplace meant for entrepreneurs and businessmen who want to purchase the goods in bulk for their business. It has connections with numerous suppliers and manufacturers. Apart from that, Alibaba has B2C facility. It also sells goods to customers.

Who Earns More?

Alibaba has both B2B and B2C facilities and so, it earns more than Amazon. On another hand, Amazon has only B2C facility. Alibaba generates approximately 6 to 7 times more revenue than Amazon each year because of its vast network. The sales of Alibaba are more than Amazon.

Which Is Better?

Alibaba faced a lot of difficulties in finding new customers from the world some time back. But now, it has improved a lot and generated more income than Amazon.

But, Amazon is really liked by the people because of its good service and good quality products. So, Amazon wins in the race irrespective of the revenue or sales. It is undoubtedly the king of the e-commerce market. 

Amazon vs Alibaba Infographic
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