Can Fertility Apps Substitute of Birth Control?


Smartphones can even turn impossible things into possible ones. Day by day, we are managing our lives with the help of the apps-whether it is shopping or booking a cab. Similarly, there are many fertility apps today which will help you to get pregnant or to avoid pregnancy.

fertility apps replace birth control

These fertility apps replace birth control pills easily and they are smarter ways to track your ovulation. But at the same time, there are also some conditions under which the fertility apps do not work properly.

Apps Need Data for Fertility Tracking

The daily basal temperature is the main thing you need to check on these apps after waking up. It will give you the accurate information of your ovulation cycle. When you log in these apps, they will automatically track the patterns of the ovulation cycle.

Fertility apps replace the birth control on the basis of certain conditions. When you start using this app, keep in mind to avoid taking birth control pills as there would be confusion with the data later. The apps will provide you red indicator for protective intercourse or not have intercourse at all.

While using fertility apps, you should take your basal temperature at least 5 times per week.

They May Not Be Correct All the Time

Fertility apps replace birth control pills if certain points are kept in mind. These apps show the red indicator which tells you to avoid having intercourse on those days. But, if you accidentally had intercourse on these days, you should immediately take contraceptive pills.

The fertility apps will work only you have protected intercourse all the time. They should advise their partners to use con6oms while using these apps otherwise one can get pregnant.

Don’t use birth control pills while using the fertility apps

Using some of the birth control measures such as IUD can cause side effects in the body such as cramping or heavy period. When you are using fertility apps, the most preferable birth control measure is a con6om.

Male condoms fail most of the times but using female con6oms is a safe way to prevent pregnancy. Additionally, you should avoid having unprotected intercourse on the days when these fertility apps show a red indicator.

fertility apps replace birth control

Are Fertility Apps Reliable?

Many studies reveal that the fertility apps replace birth control effectively. When researchers took a study, most of the users gave positive reviews.

There are certain important points which you should keep in mind:

  • Do not use the birth control pills as they may mess up the data of your ovulation.
  • Do not ever miss the daily basal temperature of your body after waking up in the morning.
  • The app does not work well under some medical conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome and other ovarian diseases such as hypothyroidism.
Choose the one with which you are comfortable

There are many birth contraceptive options such as birth control pills, copper IUDs like ParaGard and Mirena, hormonal implants, female sterilization and others.

For effective results on fertility apps, one should not forget to take the basal temperature of the body daily. Apart from that, if you are using other birth control measures such as pills, one should not forget to consume pills each day.

Fertility apps replace birth control pills if you are particular about some of its tips.

Final Words

Finally, it is best to conclude that no way can actually prevent from getting pregnant. It is up to you which method you want to apply for birth control.

Fertility apps replace birth control pills in some cases while in some; it may even fail to show the desired results.