Upcoming iPhones Rumors- New iPhones are launching in a Short Time


Apple is the first choice of every person in the world when it comes to buying a smartphone. Amazing design, thin metal body, beautiful colors, high-quality speakers and wide display are some of the popular features of iPhones.

Rumor: It could be called the iPhone 11, iPhone X Plus, or the iPhone X2 but probably not the iPhone 9. Rumors also for specs, price and release date.

It is the latest news in the market that Apple is coming with 3 new iPhone soon. Apple lovers are eagerly waiting for these handsets. They are expecting some extraordinary features in these devices. Let us discuss the unique features of Upcoming iPhones which are going to arrive in the market.

Upcoming iPhones
Upcoming iPhones
  • Face ID

Apple finally decided to introduce the feature of Face ID in every iOS device. The company is spending huge money on marketing Face ID and how to use it. A fingerprint along with the Face Unlock feature is an added advantage especially in the cases where there is a need for authentication.

  • Less expensive screen technology

To cut down the price of the iPhone, the company has decided to use less expensive screen technology. Instead of OLED panels, it is focusing on using LCD panels. One of the biggest advantages of using LCD panels is that they do not bend like OLED panels.

  • Dual- SIM

This is actually big news for iOS device’s lovers. Apple has come up with an idea to bring a feature of dual-SIM support so that you can use 2 numbers on your iPhone at the same time. Normally, every other smartphone on the market comes with the dual-SIM slot. This feature will help the users to store a large data of contacts.

The Dual-SIM features in iPhones will be useful to businessmen who have to maintain many contact numbers for the purpose of the work. This feature is also beneficial for youngsters and other individuals who want to keep more than 1 number.

  • Colors

The company is going to introduce more beautiful colors in new iPhones. Different from white and black, the new models will arrive in bright colors such as red, orange, blue and grey.

  • Bigger size

The new iPhones have bigger size than the earlier ones. A triple-lens rear camera is coming in the new handsets which will give you more professional pictures and selfies.

  • MacBook Pro Machines

It is finally revealed after many rumors that the new models will have MacBook Pro machines. They will have a silicon cover to stop the dust coming into the machine. The cover also makes less sound while typing on the keyboard.

The silicon cover will make the keyboard smoother and easier to use.

  • Speedy chargers

The new models of Apple will have faster chargers than the previous models. The phone design is improved from 5V 2A to 9V 2A and 5V 3A. The box of the new handsets will also include USB-C and Lightning cable.

The speed of new chargers is similar to that of the 5W adapter. You can easily charge your iPhone on the journeys to use the phone for the whole day.

  • Photoshop

A photo editing tool is soon coming in the new models of Apple. Now, the users can easily edit their images and photos with the help of Photoshop on their iPad and iPhones anywhere and anytime.

Apart from this, the company is solving the problems of bugs in “USB security hole” in older Apple devices. These bugs can leak the personal information to the third party.

The company is presently selling 9 iPhones and soon there will be more handsets coming in the market. With improved features and better performance, these models will be the first choice of Apple lovers.