Dating Is More Beautiful With Short Messages as Per the Study


The proverb, “Short and sweet” goes with all the dating sites these days. Whenever we receive a message on the app, it feels interesting when the message is short. While those which are lengthy, we generally avoid reading them.

dating site strategy

If you are finding a perfect soul mate on a dating site, it is important to follow the best dating site strategy. More than 50% people between the ages of 25 to 30 years are singles.

Different Dating Apps

A chain of dating apps is available for Android as well as iOS devices. One can easily find a friend or a partner on the dating site from any part of the world.

You can send text messages or chat face to face on these apps. Most of the singles especially males start the conversation with “Hey”. The word looks casual and decent as well. Simultaneously, you can use short words to address a stranger such as “Hello” and “Hi”.

As per the studies, males get more successful in getting responses when they use less positive messages. Using short messages is the best dating site strategy to start a conversation with unknown people.

One should avoid showing too much enthusiasm or eagerness while talking on dating app. Studies show that the person who is more enthusiastic while dating tends to get fewer replies.


Each one of us tries to find that special person in the life to share our joys and sorrows with. Unlike before, there are many dating apps and sites today for singles. To find a partner is rather a simpler task than earlier.

Desirability is a common thing which we can see in every youngster to date a partner. The desirability is directly linked with the age. The males have the desirability at the 50 years of age while the females are desirable at 18 years. As the age passes, there is a decrease in desirability in both the genders.

Many experts state that the educated males love to date more than the graduated females. But on the other hand, the females who have more qualifications, they have less desirability to date a partner.

Tips for Dating Online

After much research, the experts suggest the best dating site strategy which you can follow for online dating.

  • When you are starting a talk with a stranger, you should use short sentences. Moreover, it is the best dating site strategy to use simple sentences.
  • You can share some of the best pictures and images on dating sites.
  • You can even ask the hobbies or the places of interest which the opposite person likes.
  • The best dating site strategy is to show the interest in the career and work profile of the person. You can also discuss some books and the favorite TV shows and movies.
  • While you are dating a person online, it is better to listen more than to speak. This will help you in knowing the person more.
  • One of the best tips to date online is to respect the hobbies and likes of the opposite person.
  • The last tip to date a person online is to be genuine and realistic. You should never try to impress the person with false things.
Ultimate Word

Many people on dating apps try to start a conversation with the one who is more attractive than them. Both males and females are aware of their rankings and they try to impress the ones who are higher than them.

Best dating site strategy

While you are dating a person who is more attractive than you, the best dating site strategy is to use less enthusiastic sentences. By doing so, the opposite person will gain interest in talking to you.

Many singles date attractive persons on the dating apps. But if you the one who is on the same boat, you should follow the above tips. Avoid talking too much and listen more.

Online dating is an art and you can gain success in it by choosing the best dating site strategy. You can try one of these tips and the luck may favor your side in finding a perfect soul mate.