Valerian Tea Health Benefits, Uses, Dosage & Side Effects


Valerian Tea is the herbal beverage that is prepared from the roots and stems of Valerian plants. Valerian Plants is the flowering plant which is most commonly found in Europe and Asian Countries. The extract of Valerian roots and stems are enriched with the positive effects of sedative and anxiolytic properties and is most properly added as the ingredients dietary supplement capsules to promote sleep and peace of mind.

According to some of the clinical studies, Valerian is considered the best non-prescriptive sedatives which promote better sleeping pattern and control mood swings. Consuming Valerian offers numerous health benefits, however not everyone consumes Valerian in forms of tea, some consumers buy the product in powdered form, pills or capsules form or liquid extract.

The most widely known benefits of Valerian tea is its sleep improving properties. Some studies have shown that Valerian tea may decrease the negative effects of anxiety and psychological stress. Consuming Valerian tea during the menstrual cycle may help relieve period cramps and improve insomnia in postmenopausal women.

You can buy Valerian tea bags online! Or else you can also incorporate this ingredient in forms of pills, capsules or liquid extract. You should not drink Valerian tea or take Valerian supplement if you’re undergoing severe other medications. So consult your doctor before you start using it!