How Does Menopause Affect The Body?


Menopause– The woman is the most beautiful creation of God. Being a woman and to live like her is the toughest task. The woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes from her birth until her old age. Menstruation is a natural process which every woman goes through in her life. It differs from one female to other. Some may get the early menstrual cycles while some get very late cycles.


Normally, females get periods till the age of 45 to 50 years after which there comes a menopause. Menopause is the stage where the woman does not periods for minimum 12 months. There are many effects of menopause on the woman’s body which are as follows:

  • Lower levels of estrogen and progesterone

There is a direct link between estrogen and progesterone and reproduction. With the passing age, the ovulation stops occurring and as the result, the ovarian function declines. Further, the menstrual cycles stop which also lower the levels of estrogen and progesterone. This process is known as menopause. There may be severe effects of menopause on the female’s body. Generally, most of the women get menopause between the age of 45 to 50 years and it can last for many years.

  • Osteoporosis

As soon as the women get menopause, they face osteoporosis. It is a situation in which the bones get weaker and weaker each day. As a result, many women may get fractures and wounds due to weak bones. One of the major reasons for osteoporosis is the lower level of estrogen. The estrogen is the main element for strong bones and there is more bone loss with a reduction in estrogen levels. The women can get fractured hips and other bone density problems after menopause. So, it is necessary to take a calcium-rich diet and avoid eating sodium.

  • Affects reproductive system 

Menopause occurs when the periods stop completely. There is no production of eggs for fertilization during menopause. There are major effects of menopause on the reproductive system of the women. There is no fertilization of eggs anymore once you get the menopause. Further, you will not get your periods due to which there is no thickening of cervical mucus. The vagina becomes dry and there is no libido in menopause. You can get a lubricant to cure this problem.

  • Changes in sleeping patterns

Women who get menopause face sleep apnea. There are common symptoms found in most of the women such as fatigue, anxiety, depression and morning headache. The effects of menopause can be seen in the sleeping patterns of the women. They may also get tired by doing some work.

  • Hot flashes

The lower levels of estrogen and progesterone severely affect the endocrine system of the women. One may face hot flashes during the menopause. This is one of the most common effects of menopause on every woman. The women who face hot flashes sweat a lot. They feel the extreme heat in their body during any time of the day. They also get flushed skin and too much sweating. Hot flashes remain for just seconds or minutes of the day. One must avoid consuming caffeine and other hot beverages to cure hot flashes.

  • Changes in mood

Women who get menopause may experience mood swings. The irritation and memory loss are some of the effects of menopause which many women face. This may be due to the age factor. During menopause, women feel happy and sad at the same time. One may also get stress due to minor issues. It also results in sleeplessness and anxiety. The lower levels of estrogen may result in more sweating particularly at night. Women who get menopause also get mood swings quite often. This is because of the changes going in the body.

  • Changes in the immune system

There are many effects of menopause in the woman’s body. Some may be severe while some of them are not so. The estrogen levels decrease due to menopause which can result into bladder leakage. One urinates more in the menopause and there is also urination while laughing or doing some work or sneezing. The women who get menopause cannot sleep properly due to frequent urination.

  • Diabetes

Menopause before the age of 46 and 55 years may result in diabetes. This is one of the most common effects of menopause which many women may face. The lower levels of estrogen further lead to an increase in insulin resistance and also frequent cravings. The women have diabetes during their pregnancy and the one with polycystic ovary syndrome can have diabetes in their pregnancy. To cure these problems, it is advisable by experts to visit a doctor for a regular checkup after the age of 45 years. The women with excess weight should pay a visit to the doctor at least once a year.

  • Breast Cancer

One of the most dangerous effects of menopause is breast cancer. The reason for breast cancer in menopause is the excess weight one gains after entering menopause. The experts suggest doing regular exercises after menopause to avoid obesity and reduce the chances of getting breast cancer. Walking is the effective remedy for reducing the chances of breast cancer.

  • Liver Diseases

The drop in estrogen levels can also affect the lever severely. Once the women enter menopause, they may get the liver diseases such as Hepatitis C. The experts suggest that women should not drink alcohol in excess after having menopause. They should also visit a doctor for a regular checkup.

These are some of the effects of menopause on the women’s health. Menopause is not bad at all provided you take about your food habits and another routine. Women who enter into menopause should avoid drinking hot beverages, coffee and alcohol in a higher amount.

One should do yoga and meditation every day for energy and stamina in the body. Additionally, you should do regular tests and checkup at a nearby clinic after entering the age of 40 years.