Do Probiotics Have Any Good Effects On The Human Body?


Remaining healthy for a longer period of time is an issue which needs a lot of care. A wholesome diet is a first step in the process of becoming fit and healthy. After the proper diet, people go for probiotic dietary supplements. According to some studies, the effects of probiotics can be good and at times bad too.


Some probiotics are useless for the human body. They neither improve your digestive system nor provide the energy in the body. There are endless probiotics dietary supplements in the market which just boast to make wonders in your body but actually, they are not worthy.

Meaning of Probiotics

Probiotics are nothing but simply microorganisms which are present in foods such as yogurt, cereals, candy, cookies, sausages, and granola bars and fruit juices. These foods contain good and bad bacteria which have respective effects in the body.

Many studies have been done to exactly find out the effects of probioticsIt was found out that many people switch to probiotic dietary supplements. It is because they feel that these probiotics make their digestive system healthy and treat allergic disorders also.

What do experts say?

There were several studies done by taking the samples of stools of the persons who consume probiotic dietary supplements.

One of the researches included looking of bacteria in the colon with the help of an endoscope. This test involved both mice and humans. When the research team did an endoscopy in the intestines, it was found that the probiotics actually stuck and grow. Further, there were actually not many good effects of probiotics in the body.

One of the experts from the Weizmann Institute stated that there was less amount of probiotics found in gut and more on the stool. They are not present in the colon because of which there are no good probiotics’ effects in the human body.

The claim of probiotic industries and actual results of probiotics in the body

The probiotic industries claim that that probiotic dietary supplements actually aid in rebalancing the system. They may also treat the common cold and various allergic disorders. The probiotics may also treat stomach disorders such as constipation and acidity.

Further, there are many claims from the probiotic industries regarding the good effects of probiotics in the human body. They also state that probiotics may also treat atopic dermatitis. Further, there were also claims from the companies that their products can treat diarrhea too.

But the truth is much far away from what the probiotic industries claim. The probiotics have actually failed to show results even in the case of healthy people. However, in some cases, they were able to treat intestinal disorders but those cases were very few in number.

There are no concrete proofs that there are any good effects of probiotics in the people with normal gastrointestinal tracts. The vitamin supplements which are available in the market are actually not good for adults. They are the causes of lung, prostate and breast cancers in many cases.

Every year, the number of adults consuming the probiotics increases in the United States. From the year 2007 to 2012, the number of adults taking the probiotics increased from 860,000 to about 4 million.

As per the estimates of Grand View Research firm, the market of global probiotics reached $35 billion in the year 2015 and it is expected to reach $66 billion by the year 2024.

How can probiotics turn into beneficial supplements for the human body?

Some of the researchers found the ways in which the probiotics can provide benefits to the body. If probiotics are taken along with antibiotics, there are no side effects in the body. Antibiotics kill the bad bacteria which further causes the diseases in the human body.

A study was done to check the effects of probiotics when they are consumed along with the antibiotics. The studies revealed that they actually controlled the gastrointestinal tracts. But then it took longer for the body to return to its pre-antibiotic state.

Another medical research also stated that probiotics are also useful in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. They can also improve the immune system and further help in reducing weight.

Final words

The studies also revealed that probiotics can help in improving the oral health. They may help in treating periodontal disease, bad breath, and throat infections. These are some of the effects of probiotics in the human body if you take them along with some antibiotics.

The probiotics’ effects will be good if you take care of some important tips otherwise they may turn into harmful dietary supplements.