X1 TrackFit Smart Fitness Bracelet- Review, Features, Price


Work pressure and other priorities are consuming more than half of our day. In this hustle and bustle, we skip daily exercises and workouts. This will further lead to health problems such as obesity, high BP, bad cholesterol and weak body. It is necessary to keep track of all the activities which we do during the day.

You can now invest your money in X1 TrackFit smart bracelet. It is the fitness bracelet which keeps the track of all your regular activities. Besides that, this bracelet also helps in doing other tasks.

How Is It Made?

TrackFit smart bracelet is made from fine quality material. It does not cause skin allergies, infections or minor cuts. The components of this bracelet are first taken in the best labs and checked by skilled technicians. Furthermore, this bracelet comes with a user manual for better understanding of its features.

In addition to that, X1 TrackFit smart bracelet can be used by any age groups. It can easily fit on any size of a hand. This bracelet is weather resistant and works well in swimming pools, and other places. It is resistant to dust, water, sun rays, snow, and pollutants as well.

Features of TrackFit smart bracelet

  • Checks the Sleep Quality

This smart bracelet works with the App on your Android phones. You can check the amount of sleep you get each day. By using this tool, you can know how many hours you sleep, the time of your sleep, hours of deep sleep and light sleep. Furthermore, you can view your sleep history and take steps to improve it. Within a few weeks, X1 TrackFit bracelet helps in improving sleep habits.

  • Monitors Your Fitness

Most of us do not know how much we walk in a day or the number of calories burnt in the body. X1 TrackFit smart bracelet helps you in tracking all these details. You can know the distance traveled in walking, a number of steps in the whole day, calories burnt, heart rate and others. You can easily connect this tool with your mobile GPS and track the data. Then it becomes easier to improve your health day by day.

  • Multifunctional Tool

Apart from tracking fitness data, TrackFit smart bracelet helps you in doing several other tasks. You can pick up incoming calls or make outgoing calls, send messages to a friend or emails. Further, you can make posts on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition to that, you can set an alarm and organize your life with this bracelet.

  • 8 sports Mode

This smart bracelet comes with 8 sports mode. It tracks the calories burnt and other data when you play games such as badminton, football, basketball, and cricket. Apart from that, this tool shows you the calories burnt in activities such as hiking, dancing, walking, running and mountain climbing. If you are an adventure lover, it is a smart decision to buy TrackFit smart bracelet.

  • Fix An Appointment

Being an office employee, you know how busy life is. You have to fix several appointments for your boss and prepare a schedule. TrackFit smart bracelet will help you in fixing all the important appointments. In addition to that, it helps you in making a schedule of daily activities such as waking up and sending an email or having breakfast.

X1 TrackFit smart bracelet


  1. I am David from San Diego and love to play outdoor sports such as badminton and football. Every weekend, I play outdoor sports with my friends for fun and to stay healthy. I purchased TrackFit smart bracelet online. It comes with 8 sports mode. It shows me the calories burnt and hours spent in all the sports.
  1. I am Lucie and I work in a bank. Earlier, I had an irregular sleeping schedule. I read the reviews of TrackFit smart bracelet and decided to use it. I got positive results within some weeks. With this bracelet, I can know the total hours I sleep and the quality of sleep.

Reviews of the customers

TrackFitsmart bracelet has already improved many lives. The people say that they can know the health data such as heart rate, calories burnt, quality of sleep and number of steps. Many working people say that this bracelet helps in making professional life more organized in all sense. It has been one of the best tools for sports and adventure lovers.

Where to get it?

You can buy TrackFit smart bracelet only from the official site of the manufacturer. To place the order, you must fill up the online form, select the deal and make the payment using cash or credit card mode. The product will be delivered within a few days.

X1 TrackFit smart bracelet brings your personal and professional life on the right track.