X1 SecuCam 360 Bulb Camera- Review, Installation, Features, Price


Technology is introducing a new device daily to add comfort to our lives. Smart devices have turned impossible tasks into possible ones in recent times. Most of us love traveling with family and friends once or twice in a year. But home safety is our motto every time. You do not have to worry as the smart camera will report you whatever I happening in your house.

SecuCam 360

SecuCam 360 is the smart camera which comes in a light bulb. It takes live videos of activities in your homes and offices.

Features of SecuCam 360 Smart Camera

  • Full Panoramic View Of The House

This smart camera includes a 360-degree fisheye lens which helps in recording all the activities of the house. Even if you are not present at the home or office, this smart camera gives you updates on the activities going inside and outside your homes. It is also a useful accessory for offices and warehouses.

  • Wireless Tool

This camera comes in a light bulb which you can easily fit into a light bulb socket in homes or offices. Then you can stream live videos with the help of Wi-Fi or internet connection. There is no need to attach wires or cables to install X1 SecuCam 360 smart camera anywhere.

  • Safeguards All Places

The first thing we care is about our home’s safety while traveling out of town. SecuCam 360 will give you relief by giving you the live updates of your homes and offices. You can know the activities going in your home every minute in your smart devices. It makes all your business tours and family trips more enjoyable.

360 Degrees. Wifi. Wireless. Motion Detection. 2-Way Audio.

  • Storing Videos On The Memory Card

This smart camera comes with a large size memory card of 4GB to save all your videos. Now, you do not have to worry about the big size videos because of sufficient storage.

  • App

There is a free app available on the Google Play store or App store which can download on your mobile phones. It becomes easier to control the camera with the help of this free camera.


  1. I am Tom and often travel to other states for the purpose of work. Earlier, I used to tell my neighbors to keep an eye on my home in my absence. Now, I have placed the SecuCam 360 smart camera in my home. It is a superb product and I get live videos of all the activities going in my home as well as office.
  1. I am Tracy and love to hang out with friends and family members. We often enjoy family trips for many days. I came to know about SecuCam 360 smart camera and purchased it. Now, we are stress-free and enjoy all the family trips without worrying about the home’s safety.

What do people say?

The customers who ordered SecuCam 360 smart camera got amazing results within few weeks. They say that it is easy to install and use. Some people also say that this camera frees them from the stress of home and office safety. Many people can now keep an eye on their homes and pets with the help of live video streaming provided by SecuCam 360 smart camera.

Where to buy this product from?

You can place an order of X1 SecuCam 360 smart camera only on the official site. All you have to do is to fill up the online form, select the deal and make the payment using cash mode or card mode. The product will reach you within a few days.

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