10 Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android Users 2018


Ads are the most irritating stuff while watching movies, cartoon series or sports. Open any of the popular sites and the pop-ups keep on disturbing you. The pop-ups are usually the advertisements of the products or services offered by several companies. Another disadvantage of pop-ups is they may affect the speed of your devices. However, there are some Ad Blocker apps which you can download. Read the list below to get the best ad blocker for Android devices such as mobiles, tablets, Book and Notepad.


Adguard is one of the most perfect ad blocker apps which are available free of charge. It does not only block the ads but also keeps your information private. It smartly deletes all the ads from the sites and pages which you visit. This app will stop the virus and malware from entering into your device. Adguard will increase the speed of your mobile phones and tablets.


Open-source ad blocker, Blokada is another powerful app for Android devices by which you can remove pop-ups. If you are looking for the best ad blocker for Android devices, you can go for Blokada. It protects your data and also speeds up your devices. You can get rid of pop-ups and unwanted ads while visiting any site with Blokada. It is a good app in terms of safety and use.


The name itself suggests everything. Well, AdAway is the most popular Ad blocker app which blocks all the pop-ups and ads which come in between your videos or movies. Some of the best features of this app are beautiful user-interface, comfort to use and simple set up. AdAway helps in creating whitelist websites as well as adding hosts to the blacklist. However, you will have to root your Android device for using this app.

Adblock Fast

A lightweight and best ad blocker for Android devices, Adblock Fast will provide you the nonstop entertainment of watching movies, TV series and live sports matches without ads or pop-ups. One of the amazing features of this app is that it consumes less space on the device. It will also help in loading the web pages and sites faster and better. It is available free of charge.


NetGuard is different from other ad blockers apps as it does not require rooting of Android devices. It is as such the best ad blocker for Android devices with nice features. It helps in saving battery as well as consumes less space on your device. Moreover, it removes efficiently all the ads and pop-ups from the pages and sites.


Are you bored of watching your favorite sports matches and movies with disturbing ads? You can now download AdClear app on your Android device for free of cost. It improves the performance of your device by blocking all the pop-ups. It is the best ad blocker for Android devices with “content blocking” feature.


Rooting the Android device is quite a complicated task and so, many users prefer to download the apps which do not need root. DNS66 does not require rooting of the Android device. It comes with features such as Bypass web censorship, phishing protection, and many others. It also provides VPN service for DNS servers. It is one of the safest ad blocker apps for Android devices.

AppBrain Ad Detector

The next on the list is a latest ad blocker app with unique features, AppBrain Ad Detector. It eliminates all the harassing ads and pushes notifications quickly thereby making your device faster. It also removes spyware, viruses, Trojans, and adware which reduce the speed of the pages and sites.

CM Browser

CM Browser is the best ad blocker for Android devices if you want safe video links to download and remove the ads at the same time. This app also removes all your browsing history. It enhances the performance of your devices by clearing all the virus and malware. CM Browser will also give you speedy downloading of videos and movies by removing ads and pop-ups.

Adblock Browser

Adblock app is the last on the list but the most important one. It not only removes banner ads and pop-ups for your Android devices but also stops the virus and malware getting into the system. If you are searching for the best ad blocker for Android devices which works on both rooted and unrooted mobile phones and tablets, Adblock Browser is a good choice.

These 10 ad blocker apps are downloaded by millions of Android users because they do not cost anything and provide great features too. Your search of best ad blocker for Android devices stops here and it is time to enjoy movies, sports, TV series, cartoon shows, and much more without those distracting banner ads and unwanted pop-ups.