Crazy Beauty Hacks – Natural Foot Care Tips For Beautiful Feet


Beauty is the gift for which you have to dedicate time and efforts. Feet are most important of the human body for which a special care is recommended. We like to wear various types of footwear on the feet such as sandals, flip flops or shoes. Most of the ladies spend lots of money on a pedicure for making the feet beautiful. However, not all of us find easy to take out time from a busy schedule for a parlor visit. So, what is the other way? It is natural remedies for beautiful feet. Follow some of the best foot care tips not just for healthy feet but also for pain relief.

foot care tips

Put the feet in warm water

We travel by bus, train or cars which spoil the look of the feet. It is necessary that you pay attention to the hygiene factor in case of your feet. You can soak your feet in a bucket of warm water for about twenty minutes. This practice will remove the dirt and dead skin from your feet leaving them smooth to touch. Plain water is good otherwise you can also add drops of lavender or olive oil for more relaxation.

Wash the feet

This is again one of the best foot care tips you should follow. The pollution and rough surfaces gather the dirt, mud, and sweat in the feet which can be removed only by proper washing. Use lukewarm water and antiseptic soap for washing feet. By doing this, the feet will get rid of bacteria and dirt. Dry the feet with a clean towel always.

Moisturize the feet

In the winter season, you have often noticed that the feet get dry and if they are not treated properly, there may be crack heels. So, you should moisturize your feet timely by applying coconut oil or some cream. The oils and cream make the skin of the feet smooth. One of the best foot care tips is to apply some cocoa butter on the dry feet. If you like soaks, you can wear them at night which will make your feet soft.


Just as you do scrubbing on your face; the feet need some scrubbing as well. Scrub regularly your feet and heels for smooth skin and avoiding corns and calluses. Buy a pumice stone from the market for removing dead skin. But, do not rub the stone with too much pressure on the feet. You can make a paste of sugar and baby oil for rubbing on the feet for smoothness.

Trim the nails

Along with feet, the nails also want some care. The broken nails look bad on the feet and they may also be painful. Some of the best foot care tips are to cut the nails of the feet regularly and shape them. The nails also play important role in getting the beautiful tips. Avoid cutting nails too short as they look dirty and make you feel uncomfortable.

Massage every day

Massaging feet every day is one the best foot care tips for making feet beautiful and healthy. It helps in blood circulation and strengthening your ankles. Massaging feet will give your feet a smooth feel and relaxation. For massage, you can use coconut oil or olive oil which will soften the feet. Use a foot roller while massaging the feet.

Avoid wearing shoes all the time

Whenever you come home from college or office, taking off shoes is one of the best foot care tips which you should follow. You should buy soft slippers for wearing at home. They will provide comfort to your feet. Fora smooth feel, you can get a pair of cotton socks which is also the best tip.

Comfortable footwear

One of the best foot care tips for attractive feet is to get a well-fitting pair of shoes or sandals. The small footwear results in blisters and corns which can spoil the feet. So, it is recommended to get comfortable and cool footwear for a smooth feeling. Moreover, small footwear also causes discomfort while walking.

De tanning

Our feet are one of the most exposed parts of the body and get dull and black in the sunlight. You should regularly apply de tanning cream and foot packs which can give your feet a bright look. Some of the best foot care tips are applying a pack of lemon juice and rose water on the feet and sunscreen lotions.

Check the health of the feet

Every few days, you should check your feet and toenails. You should see whether there are any funguses or infections in the feet. If you feel so, you should visit a doctor and get the earliest treatment.

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These are the best foot care tips you should never forget to gain beautiful and attractive feet. It is the feet by which you can make your impression good anywhere you step in the world. It is necessary that you take good care of your feet now if you haven’t yet started.