Curd or Buttermilk- Which is Healthier?


There are varied opinions regarding buttermilk and curd. Actually, both of them have the same origin. Therefore, they have more or less the similar nutrients. But still, there is some kind of difference between both the foods (Curd or Buttermilk).

The fact that matters the most about the difference between the buttermilk and curd is dilution. More water you put while making buttermilk less concentrated it would be. You must be wondering if there are any additional properties in buttermilk. Or if this is the only factor that answers the question curd or buttermilk

The churning procedure that makes curd buttermilk gives it those extra benefits. Churning makes the protein in buttermilk easy to be digested by mainly degrading the structure.


Who should have buttermilk?

  1. Since buttermilk is very light for digestion, it’s quite beneficial for the people who suffer from indigestion. It also has friendly bacteria. Thus, it helps in improving digestion.
  1. It’s a wonderful fluid for people who suffer from diarrhea or a loose stomach.
  1. Buttermilk is considered to be filling and also gives away little calories that are 40 to 50 in a glass.
  1. Therefore, it’s a very good option for people who are willing to lose weight.
  1. It’s quite beneficial for dehydration and may be used to replace fluids in hot weather.

Who should have curd? 

  1. Weight gainers and also for malnourished people, curd would be an option since its dense in nutrients.
  1. For people who’re taking a fluid restricted diet but also need some high-quality protein, for instance, people who are suffering from kidney failure, the curd is a good choice.

Below are a few things which would help you in choosing which one of the 2 suits your requirements better:

  1. Calorie content– in case you’re looking to lose some weight and want to have a controlled diet, then you should go for buttermilk. Approximately 100 Gms buttermilk comprises of 40 calories whereas 100 Gms curd contains 98 calories. Thus, for undernourished kids who wish to gain some weight, curd should be consumed as it’s dense in nutrients.
  1. Nutrient content– buttermilk is quite rich in Vitamin B12, calcium, riboflavin, zinc as well as proteins. It also helps in building healthy bones, fighting stress, lowering bad cholesterol level, preventing cancer, and fighting anemia because of the presence of all these nutrients. On the contrary, curd comprises of phosphorous, calcium, Vitamin B12, B5, protein, Vitamin B2, potassium and molybdenum. All these nutrients are quite beneficial for preventing the chances of heart diseases, hypertension, promoting bone and teeth health and also in reducing anxiety and stress.

Both these foods (Curd or Buttermilk) are considered to be rich in high-quality protein, calcium as well as Vitamin B12. Therefore, everyone significantly vegetarians should include them in their daily diet. If cow milk is being used, the percentage of fat in these foods decreases substantially. Taking 2 servings of buttermilk or curd on the basis of the guidelines mentioned each day is a very good practice.