Home Remedies for Bad Breath- Treat Bad Habits


Bad breath is a social stigma. It is socially embarrassing, humiliating and unacceptable. However, most people do not know that bad breath is not only caused due to poor oral hygiene but also due to a bacterial infection. Bad breath can be caused due to the variety of factors like gum diseases, bad odor foods, dry mouth, smoking, alcohol, and medical conditions. Know how to treat bad breath.

Bad Breath

Home Remedies for Bad Breath

One of the most essential factors in controlling bad breath is to maintain good oral hygiene. Listed below are some simple home remedies used to treat bad breath.

1} Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a wonderful kitchen ingredient that works excellently against bad breath. It consists of cinnamic aldehyde which is an essential ingredient in controlling bad breath. It also reduces bacterial infections and keeps the oral cavities clean. All you need to do is boil some cinnamon powder along with cardamom. Strain this solution and use it as the mouth rinse after every meal.

2} Lemon Juice

Lemons are known to be an age-old remedy against bad breath. Lemon is rich in acids and contains astringent properties due to which bacterial infections can be cured easily. Hence bad breath caused due to bacterial infections can be treated instantly. Additionally, it also reduces the foul odour in the mouth. All you need to do is make a solution of lemon juice with warm water and rinse your mouth every morning to reduce bad breath.

3} Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a wonderful home remedy for bad breath. Due to its pH balancing nature, it can be effectively used to decrease bacterial infections and reduce bad breath. Mix unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar in water and consume it before every meal. Apple cider vinegar helps treat bad breath as well as enhance digestion.

4} Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is known to be one of the most effective remedies for bad breath. It has antiseptic properties that act as a disinfectant and removes bad breath. You can either brush your teeth with tea tree oil or mix it along with lemon oil and peppermint oil to be used as a mouthwash.

5} Cloves

Cloves contain anti-bacterial properties that clean up the oral cavity from foul smell causing bacteria and effectively eliminate bad breath. All you need to do is chew cloves after every meal and you will notice your bad breath disappearing in no time. You can also brew cloves in hot tea and drink them every morning.

6} Fennel

Fennel is yet another super kitchen ingredient that can be safely used to eliminate bad breath. It’s anti-bacterial properties help fight odour causing bacteria and reduce bad breath. You can add fennel in tea or chew them raw, in whichever method you prefer.

These above-mentioned remedies are tested and tried remedies that are known to be effective against bad breath. If the above-mentioned remedies do not work for you, it is time to consult your dentist and take prescribed medications.