6 Crazy Health Benefits of Lemon- Crazy Tips


Benefits of Lemon- Health benefits related to lemon include the treatment of constipation, indigestion, dental issues, throat infections, internal bleeding, fever, burns, rheumatism, respiratory disorders, obesity, high BP and cholera while also being good for your skin and hair. Known well for its therapeutic properties for many generations, lemon is helpful in strengthening the immunity system, cleansing the stomach, and it is also considered to be a very strong blood purifier.

Benefits of Lemon

       1. Treats Indigestion

Lemon helps in curing the problems associated with constipation and indigestion. Just add some drops of lemon in the dish and it would help you indigestion. It acts as a wonderful blood purifier and also a cleansing agent. The recipe includes cold water, lemon juice, salts, soda and honey or sugar for some sweetness. You can also add some mint leaves in lime juice to add some flavor. You may drink it whenever you have a heavy dinner or lunch.

      2. Helps in Treating Fever

Lime juice may treat an individual suffering from flu, fever or cold. It helps in breaking fever by increasing perspiration.

       3. Dental Care

It’s also used frequently for dental care. When the lime juice is directly applied on the spot of a toothache, it may help in getting rid of a toothache. Massaging lime juice on gums may stop bleeding in the gum while eliminating bad odor which may come from different gum diseases as well as other conditions.

       4. Hair Care

Lime juice has also proved itself for treating haircare. This juice when directly applied to the scalp may help in treating the problems such as hair loss, dandruff as well as other issues related to the scalp and hair. When you apply the lime juice to the hair directly, it may help in giving your hair a nice natural shine.

       5. Skin Care

Since lime juice is a natural antiseptic agent, it may also help in curing the problems of the skin. The juice may also be applied for reducing the pain of sunburn. It also helps in easing the pain from besting. It’s good for eczema and acne. It plays the role of an anti-aging remedy and may help in removing wrinkles as well as blackheads.

Skin Care Having its juice along with water and a sweetener like honey helps in bringing a bright and healthy glow in the skin. When you search the cosmetic market, you would find that some of the soaps which contain lemon juice are considered to be very good for the skin.

         6. Helps in Curing Burns

Using lime juice on old burns may also help in fading away from the scars and as it’s a cooling agent, it also helps in reducing the burning sensation on the skin.

Lime juice has a number of health benefits related to it. It’s a very well-known agent which is used for treating kidney stones, lowering the temperature of the body and reducing strokes. Being a very refreshing drink, lemonade also helps an individual in staying cool and calm.