10 Best Games Like Diablo You Should Play In 2018


10 Best Games 2018– Diablo is a type of hero-villain game which many game lovers have downloaded on their Android devices. The game takes place in the world full of demons and supernatural characters. The beautiful graphics, amazing comic characters, and visual effects make the game more fascinating. If you want some of the other games like Diablo, you can try the following ones:

games like Diablo

  1. Path of Exile

Consisting of 6 character classes, this game includes caves and dungeons. It has a Labyrinth system which will engage you in the gameplay for many hours. The game has many quests and battles which the player has to win after which he will get the experience points. There is a map which will help you to discover new places in the game. As you win at one level, the next levels unlock. 

  1. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

This is one of the best games like Diablo where the players loot at different places and gather weapons and arms on the way. The player can become a knight or warrior and continue the game with powerful weapons. You can download the game on PC for free of charge and it will give you much fun. As the players move further and defeat the enemies, they can earn gold.

  1. Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes have always amazed the audience whether it is a movie or in game. The game has 50 characters and you can choose your favorite one for the quest of loot. It is one of the most interesting games like Diablo having wonderful graphics and visual effects. The gameplay is again very interesting to provide you a nice gaming experience.

  1. Torchlight 2

The next on the list is Torchlight 2 which has a medieval era concept. The players have to discover new towns, fulfill the various quests, loot and gain points. You can choose any character of your choice and upgrade its abilities with the help of customization options. Torchlight 2 has colorful graphics, improved game mechanics,and new quests which will interest you a lot. Torchlight 2 can be included in the list of games like Diablo.

  1. Grim Dawn

Explore the dark fantasy world of the Victorian Era. The game has main and side quests. On completion of each quest, the players get many rewards like experience points, items, skills,and attribute. Grim Dawn can be added to the list of games like Diablo where you can a series of tasks to complete. There are inventory bags which you can get after fulfilling the quests. The game is a thorough entertainment.

  1. Magicka 2

Magicka 2 has many weapons and arms which you use to attack the enemies. It is a kind of battle game played by 2 or more friends. Enjoy attacking enemies with magical powers and it will give you rewards. Magicka 2 has powerful graphics, beautiful gameplay, customization options and much more. There are many monsters on the way that will block your way and you have to fight against them.

  1. Silent Hill Book of Memories

Silent Hill Book of Memories is one of the best games like Diablo. The game involves a scary background giving you a thrilling gaming experience. There are 5 classes of games which the player can choose for playing. By defeating the monsters, the player will get the experience rewards. The player can upgrade the abilities of their characters. You can play it on PlayStation.

  1. Archangel

Archangel can be played by one person. It involves Horror, Adventure, and science all in one. The player has to pass through various players and fight against enemies with weapons and arms. The game has a nice storyline, amazing characters, and interesting gameplay. It can be on the list of games like Diablo. You get many touch controls and skills as you move further in the game.

  1. Heroes of Ruin

With good characters, nice background and amazing gameplay, Heroes of Ruin is one of the best games like Diablo to play. However, the players have to download Nintendo’s 3D emulator on their Android as well as iOS devices for playing this game. You can choose your favorite character and upgrade the abilities.

  1. Titan Quest

The last on the list of games like Diablo is Titan Quest. There are different quests fulfilling which the players get rewards. You can upgrade the character’s abilities. The concept of the game is basically from Chinese and Egyptian origins.

Try these games like Diablo and explore the magical world of Dungeons where you can attack your enemies by upgrading the character’s skills. They are free to download and you can play them along with your friends and engage in a strong quest by earning rewards and gold. The games also provide powerful weapons and arms for a tough battle.