AutoGuard Flashlight Review: 9-in-1 Solar Powerbank Flashlight, 50% Discounts


X1 AutoGuard Solar Powerbank Flashlight Reviews: An emergency can occur anytime while you are driving the car or traveling on the bus. One of the most common problems of travelers and hikers is that they forget the directions of the roads. You can also forget the directions while riding a car. It is, therefore, necessary to have powerful tools while going for trekking, hiking, family trips, and camping. But it is a better idea to take a multipurpose too for every place.

AutoGuard Flashlight

X1 AutoGuard Flashlight is the tool which will help you in doing every task. It serves as a light and acts as a window breaker in an emergency.

How does it work?

This is not simply a flashlight but a multipurpose device. You can use it when there is no power on the roads or homes. It can break windows of cars if you are stuck inside during rainy season or snowfall.

In addition to that, AutoGuard flashlight can act as a compass to find the right direction while trekking or hiking. Furthermore, it comes with the hammer by which you can cut the seat belt and escape from the window if your car is not working.

X1 Ultrawatch-Z

Advantages of AutoGuard flashlight

  • Several Uses

This flashlight can be used for many purposes. It can provide bright light on the dark roads. You can use it as a torch if your car is not working on the road.

  • Portable item

Due to the feature of lightweight, X1 AutoGuard Flashlight can be placed in the car compartment. Besides that, you can place it in any of travel bags, backpacks or suitcases. It does not take much space and you can take it from one place to another.

  • Alarm horn

X1 AutoGuard flashlight includes an alarm horn which you can use in the emergencies. During the car accident or heavy rain, you can use the alarm horn to seek help from the nearby areas.

  • Good travel accessory

This flashlight will give your directions at night while driving a car in unknown places. It has a compass to help you when there are no clear routes. Furthermore, AutoGuard flashlight can be used as a safety hammer to break the car window glass and go out of the car.

AutoGuard Flashlight


  1. I am Andrew and I love hiking. It has happened to me several times when I forgot the proper directions. Then I read the reviews of X1 AutoGuard flashlight and decided to use it. It helps a lot in camping and hiking.
  1. I am Ross and often travel by car with family friends. X1 AutoGuard flashlight has always helped me during heavy rains and snowfall. It comes with an alarm horn which helps to save my family on trips.

What do people say?

Many youngsters have used X1 AutoGuard flashlight in hiking, camping, and picnics. They say that it can be used as a hammer as well as Torchlight. It makes an emergency sound if you have any difficulty in the car. Some people say that this tool also works as a compass to find new routes and directions. Furthermore, few people say that this tool helps in escaping from the car by breaking the window glass with the hammer during rains.

X1 Ultrawatch-Z

Where to buy the product from?

X1 AutoGuard flashlight is available only on the official site of the company. To place the order of this product, you must first fill up the online form. You have to then write your personal details in the form and make the payment. The product will come at your doorsteps within a few days.

X1 AutoGuard flashlight makes every trip easier and more enjoyable.