Top Winter Fashion Trends For Men- Look Stylish This Season


Winter is a lovely season for both males and females. It is the time when one can globetrot and take as much fun of winter as they can. It is the time when you can fill your wardrobe with the latest winter wear and trench coats. You can combine the retro and modern fashion styles to make this winter a really rocking one. Let us have a glance at the best winter trends you can choose this autumn.

  1. Peacoat

If you want to look stylish this season, you can go for a peacoat. Having comfortable collar, peacoat will really keep you warm in extremely low temperature too. There are various beautiful colors available in peacoat these days such as black, navy blue, dark brown, grey and other dark colors.


These coats contain special material which will protect your body from cold temperature and they are also very easy to wear. You can also carry a cell phone and other important documents such as debit cards and credit cards in peacoat as it has several pockets.

  1. Shearling

The next on the list is shearling which is one of the best winter trends for men. They are made from special wool to give your body warmth in the winter season. For looking cooler this autumn, you can pick different colors such as brown, green or blue.


These coats have amazing collar and sleeves long enough to cover your hands in cold weather. Shearling is easy to wear as it has simple zip for operation. If you are looking for a good brand for buying shearling, you can go for Giorgio Armani, Philipp Plein or Belstaff.

  1. Parka Coat

Parka coats are used since centuries for keeping the body warm in the lowest temperatures. These coats contain skin of seal which gives good protection to your body from the winter season. Parkas are typically used by people who often visit Antarctica for research and mountaineers.

Parka Coat

Parka coats are also waterproof and have coyote fur hood to protect your face from winds. With beautiful drawstrings, parkas will lock the warmth inside during freezing weather. You can match parkas with jeans or casuals or pants as per your choice.

  1. Hiking Boots

Along with the body, it is also necessary to protect your legs in the cold weather. Hiking boots can be a better choice for men this autumn. Whether you are an adventure lover or researcher, these boots will keep your legs warm even in the coldest temperatures.

Hiking Boots

They can be included in the best winter trends because of their durability. Hikers will get a good comfort in these boots. They will give relaxation to your feet at any kind of surface. Lightweight and strong, hiking boots can also be used for many other adventures.

  1. Overcoat

This may look simple but will definitely provide warmth in the chilly winters. Having a double layer of clothing, overcoat has the length up to the knees. It has buttons and special kind of wool for giving heat to the body. Overcoat has 4 pockets which are small in size.


The sleeves of overcoat are long and will give protection to your hands from the cold winds. It is waterproof too. The cost of an overcoat may be high but it is worth it. Apart from the winter season, you can wear an overcoat on several other occasions with plants or jeans as you like.

  1. Checks Jacket

The trend of checks has arrived all over again in outfits. Checked jackets are one of the best winter trends for men this year. You can wear a check shirt and check over a shirt for a more stylish winter look. These jackets also give protection to the body from cold.

Checks Jacket

They look trendy and cover the whole body as well. You can pair the check jackets with pants, casuals, or jeans. Do not forget to give a classier look by wearing a pair of colorful hiking boots. You can also wear a winter cap or hat with these check jackets.

  1. Raincoat

It may sound funny but raincoat will serve the purpose of winter wear very well. Containing the rubber material, raincoats will really give a shield to your body from winter. They are waterproof and look cooler than other coats.


Raincoat is one of the best winter trends for men if you want to try something unique and different from the rest of the guys. While choosing a raincoat, you should purchase the raincoats made from fabrics such as Tyvek or nylon as they will make you feel relaxed with air circulation.

  1. Designed Sweaters and Knits

Different from the normal sweaters, you can try designed knits this autumn. Printed sweaters look trendy and they also give protection to the whole body during cold weather. There are various kinds of collars in these printed sweaters which look smarter and give your body a relaxed feel also.

Designed Sweaters and Knits

You can buy a full sleeved printed sweater or the one having half sleeve or no sleeves. You can pair them with any shirt or t-shirt for a more stylish look. There are many options to pair these sweaters with such as jeans or chinos.

  1. Waxed-Cotton Jacket

These jackets have cotton which will protect your body in the extremely low temperatures. They come with Velcro and hip pockets. They are also water repellant and can provide warmth to the body even in the icy weather.

Waxed-Cotton Jacket

The collar covers the whole neck area and the sleeves are quite long to protect the hands. The waxed-cotton jackets have pockets on both the sides to keep cellphones or credit cards. They also give protection to your face from winds.

  1. Shawl Jumper

The last on the list is shawl jumper. Having artistic design similar to shawl, these jumpers are real protectors in the winter season. They are in fact best winter trends which have recently picked up its popularity among the guys and men in different countries.

Shawl Jumper

They look similar to sweaters and are available in different colors and patterns. The collars are usually V-shaped or round shaped. You will feel comfortable after wearing the shawl jumper in cold climate.


These are the best winter trends for men for the year 2018. They will give a manly look and also protect the body even in the coldest weather. You can pair also go for pinstripe trousers and different types of woolen caps and leather hats for a perfect winter look. So this winter, you can try these styles to give yourself something unique and amazing.