PUBG Battleground Tips – PUBG Keyboard Controls PC Shortcuts


PUBG is becoming popular day by day in many parts of the world. It is developed by PUBG Corporation. The director Brenden Greene and Tae- Seok Jang designed this game on the theme of previous mods similar to other games. Let us know more about PUBG game, its plot, mods and the PUBG shortcuts for PC.


Introduction of the game

PUBG is a multiplayer battle game developed from the Japanese movie Battle Royal. It can be played by 100 players. The plot of the game is very simple. Each player has to land on an island where he has to find the weapons and tools to kill the enemies. Further, the players have to safeguard themselves from the continuous aerial and land attacks of the enemies.

There is a map in this game which is the safe area. It reduces in the area every time warning the players to protect themselves and survive till the end by standing in that area. This game released in the year 2017 by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One. Later, the developers introduced the mobile version of PUBG.

The plot of PUBG game

This is a stereotyped game where players have to play either solo or duo. They can play PUBG game by making a team of 4 persons. The person who survives until the end is the winner of the game.

There are different maps in PUBG game with areas of 8 x 8 km, 4 x 4 km, and 6 x 6 km. The players have to land on any of these maps from the parachute to start the battle against the enemies. Each path varies from other and the players have to select their convenient paths to land on the island. There are customized options for clothing in the games which the players can choose according to their likes.

Further, the game has many buildings, secluded spots, ghost towns and other places to find armor, weapons, and vehicles. There are large risks in the routes of getting these weapons and equipment. The players are at the risk of being looted and so, they have to fight against the enemies using the powerful weapons.

During the whole game, the map area reduces continuously and the player has to make efforts to get into the safe zone. If the player does not enter the safe zone within the stipulated time, he is eliminated on the spot. The danger areas in the game are shown by red marks. Each player will get the warning bell to move to a safe place. One round takes 30 minutes in the game.

After finishing one round, the players will get in-game currency which they can use to purchase clothes or cosmetic items to enhance their avatar.


Process of PUBG Mobile on PC with the help of Nox Player

To download PUBG on your PC, you will first an Android emulator. Whether it is Mac or Window, you can download Nox player on your PC. Nox player has good keypad support, scripts, and gamepad. It is easy to control the settings of the game. Further, we will discuss the procedure of downloading PUBG on PC with Nox Player.

  1. The first step is to download and install Nox Player from the official site.
  2. You have to then open the Google store and log in using your Gmail ID and password.
  3. You have to then type “PUBG” in the search bar and tap on the option of “Install”.
  4. Finally, open the game on the homepage and play is for free.

PUBG Short cuts for PC

  1. General

Command Key

  • Movement Press W/A/D/S
  • Walk L-CTRL
  • Sprint L-Shift
  • Prone Press Z
  • Jump press Space bar
  • Free Look L- ALT
  • Interact Press Key F
  • Autorun Press =/Num lock
  • Toggle Camera Press V
  • Crouch Press C
  1. Combat

Command Key

  • Targeting Press LMB
  • Reload R
  • Fire LMB
  • Previous weapon Mouse wheel up
  • Next weapon Mouse wheel down
  • Weapon 1 1
  • Weapon 2 2
  • Sidearm 3
  • Melee weapon 4
  • Throwables 5
  • Firing mode B
  • Increase Zeroing Type page up key
  • Decrease Zeroing Type page down
  • Peek right E
  • Peek left Q
  • Unarm X
  • Hold Breath L-SHIFT
  • Use Grenade G
  1. Swimming

Command Key

  • To swim up Press space bar
  • To swim down Press C
  1. Driving in PUBattlegrounds

Command Key

  • Movement Press A/W/S/D
  • Air control Pitch up Space bar
  • Air control pitch down L-CTRL
  • Air control roll right E
  • Air control roll left Q
  • Vehicle seats 1-5 Press CTRL + 1-5
  • Handbrake Spacebar
  • Horn LMB
  • Boost left shift
  1. Item

Command Key

  • To use medkit Press 7
  • To use FirstAid press 8
  • To use Bandage Press 9
  • To use boost item Press 0
  1. Observer

Command Key

  • FollowCamZoomIn Mouse wheel up
  • FollowCamZoomOut mouse wheel down
  • Free cam move up E
  • Free cam move down Q
  • Increase camera speed L-SHIFT
  • Decrease camera speed L-CTRL
  • Toggle player tag H
  • Toggle player tag weapon J
  • Toggle X-Ray X
  • Save positions 1-10 CTRL + F1-F10
  • Move to saved positions 1-10 F1-F10
  • Save players 1-10 CTRL+1-10
  • Follow saved players 1-10 ALT 1-10
  • Spectate Saved players 1-10 1-10
  • Spectator cam press LMB/V
  • Free Cam press Space bar/F
  • Follow cam RMB/C
  1. UI


Command key

  • Map Press M
  • Inventory I/Tab
  • Toggle UI CTRL+U
  • Item Quantity Control L-CTRL
  • Toggle option O
  • Delete My Marker Delete
  1. Sound and Team Spectator mode

Command Keys

  • Push to talk T
  • Mute voice chat CTRL+T
  • Mute master volume CTRL+M
  • Switch voice channel CTRL+Y
  • Previous player press page down
  • Next player press page up


These are the simplest PUBG short cuts for PC which will help you to score well in the game. PUBG game is the best way of entertainment for weekends and holidays. It encourages the players to fight bravely even in the toughest situations of life. Apart from that, you can enhance your dressing skills by using customization options. The beautiful sound, elegant graphics, and different places make the game all the more interesting.