Powerful Foods You Must Have in Your Kitchen or Home


The kitchen is more than a place of cooking if you really try to find. From enhancing beauty to making your body healthy, our kitchen serves every purpose. Every day we cook food for our families.

powerful foods you must have in the kitchen

To spice up the simple food, we add many tasty ingredients to make healthier and better dishes. You won’t believe but it is true that there are some powerful foods you must have in the kitchen to make your boring food more interesting for your family members. Let us have a look at those foods:

  1. Olives

Olives are one of the best foods you can have in your kitchen. From salads to pasta, olives can be added to all the dishes. Apart from that, olives are also good for health and can remain fresh for a long time. You can buy canned olives without sodium as they contain low calories. It can be put as a topping on the pizzas for adding more taste.

  1. Frozen Raspberries

Be it fruit smoothie, pastry or cake, frozen raspberries can be the topping in any baked dishes. You can also add to oatmeal or ice cream for a more interesting treat. One of the major benefits of keeping frozen raspberries is that they remain good for several days. Moreover, you can add crush them to make fresh juice or milkshakes. They can also be added to various other desserts.

Frozen Raspberries

  1. Eggs

The next on the list are eggs which are one of the most powerful foods you must have in the kitchen every day. Having low calories, eggs can be taken in any form. You can prepare an omelet or boil the eggs. They can also be fried and served on the rice or cooked vegetables. An egg omelet in the breakfast will keep you active for the rest of your day at home, gym, office or any other place.

  1. Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce is the item which you add in a variety of delicacies such as soups, rice, and marinated vegetables. It tastes salty but adds good flavor to all the dishes. Additionally, Soy sauce also brings a dark color in the food which gives a tempting look to any dish. It does not spoil and can remain fresh for many months in a cool place.

Soy Sauce

  1. Tomato Paste or Canned Tomatoes

Rather than buying tomatoes in bulk quantity, you can store the canned tomatoes. They can be used in making soup or juice anytime. Tomato paste is low in calories and also works to reduce the excess body weight. When you are running late, you can simply add tomato paste to curries, cooked veggies or other dishes for making them tastier and healthier.

tomato paste

  1. Coarse Sea Salt

The next is coarse sea salt which can be included in the powerful foods you must have in the kitchen. They are lesser processed than the refined salt and so it is also beneficial for the heart and brain. This salt has good taste and can be added in many dishes such as pasta, curries and chicken delicacies. Due to its shiny appearance, this salt adds crunch to every dish.

Coarse Sea Salt

  1. Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs can make any Thai, India or Chinese dish more flavorful. They have many antioxidants and are good for health too. You can add fresh herbs in rice, pasta, pizza or any other chicken dish for making them tastier and better. Fresh herbs remain good for a long period of time if kept in the refrigerator. They can also be used as a décor item at home or kitchen.

Fresh Herbs

  1. Butter

There is no need to say this as every home or kitchen includes butter. It is the item which adds taste to any dish. Be it a cookie or soup, curry or rice, butter blends well with all the delicacies and add a milky taste in the dishes. You can store butter in the refrigerator for many months and can be added on top of boiled eggs or fish dishes too.


  1. Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most powerful foods you must have in the kitchen for garnishing various desserts and sweets. It is not just for the benefit of kids but also for adults. Dark chocolate is one of the best foods for weight loss. It can also keep many harmful diseases away from the body. Add chocolate to smoothies, ice cream, milkshakes, cookies or any other dessert.


  1. Yogurt

The next on the list is yogurt. It has simple look but can make any dish a more delicious one within some minutes. Having a tangy taste, yogurt can be used for preparing dip to serve with French fries or chicken wings. You can also add yogurt to smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream or other desserts. In addition to this, yogurt also supplies many nutrients and vitamins to the body.


  1. Garlic

Garlic has the strongest flavor and you can literally feel it by adding one or 2 garlic cloves to any dish. Add garlic paste or garlic clove to soups, curries and cooked veggies for making any dish healthier and richer. Eating garlic every day will also burn the unwanted calories in the body and provides more minerals and vitamins to the body.


  1. Bread

Make a sandwich or garlic bread easily by adding some raw vegetables and sauce. Bread is one of the most powerful foods you must have in the kitchen for making various bread recipes. You can also apply butter and toast it for a healthy breakfast.


So now, if you do not have these foods in the kitchen or home, you should bring them today itself. These are the most powerful foods you must have in the kitchen for making various delicacies as well as keeping your body fit and healthy with tasty delicacies.