10 Top Most Expensive Homes in the World


House is the place where we get happiness and contentment. Each person wants to build a unique house from the others. Earlier, there were royal forts and palaces for kings. Now, there are some of the houses which are modern day’s palaces. They are the most expensive homes in the world with rich architecture and interior.

These rich homes belong to some of the well-known personalities of the world. After years of hard work and success, they finally got their dream homes which we will discuss today.

  1. Buckingham Palace

Residence of the monarch of United Kingdom, Buckingham Palace takes the first position on the list of most expensive homes in the world. Earlier a townhouse for Duke of Buckingham, this palace finally came under the control of Queen Victoria.

Buckingham Palace

The palace spreads over the area of 108 meters. With 775 rooms, post office, swimming pool, cinema and doctor’s surgery, Buckingham Palace has the value of about $1.5 billion. Some of the specialties in the palace are Gothic style architecture, narrow corridors, sauce domes, and artistic ceiling works.

  1. Antilia

A sprawling mansion, Antilia is owned by Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man. The house has a staff of 600 people for maintenance. The building has 27 floors with high ceilings. The home has a special design for protection against the earthquakes.

The idea of Antilia is of US architecture firms Perkins and Will & Hirsch Bedner Associates. The building has 3 helipads. The area of the house is more than 400,000 sq. ft. Additionally, Antilia has 6 underground parking floors and it is valued at $1 billion.

  1. Villa Leopolda

The next on the list is Villa Leopolda which is one of the most expensive homes in the world. It is a large villa situated in the Alpes-Maritimes department on the French Riviera. The last owner of this house is Lily Safra, a Brazilian philanthropist.

Villa Leopolda

It showcases the Belle Epoque style interior. The villa spreads to an area of 50 acres. Apart from this, the villa has a greenhouse, commercial building, outhouse kitchen, helipad, and a guest house. This large mansion has the value of $750 billion.

  1. Four Fairfield Pond

A large house having 29 bedrooms and 91-foot dining room, Four Fairfield Pond is one of the most expensive homes in the world. This home is spread over an area of 63 acres and it has a power plant, 3 swimming pools, basketball court, bowling alley, squash courts, and tennis courts. The owner of this mansion is Ira Rennert, Owner of the Renco Group. The present value of the house is $248.5 million.

Four Fairfield Pond

  1. 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens

This grand house belongs to Lakshmi Mittal, owner of Arcelor Mittal. He is one of the richest Indian persons according to Forbes. This house is situated near the residence of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton.

With 12 bedrooms, an indoor pool, a beautiful Turkish bath and a large parking lot with a space of 20 cars, this mansion is one of the most expensive homes in the world. The mansion is valued at $222 million and it is 5th on the list.

  1. Ellison Estate

Located in Woodside, California, Ellison Estate is next on the list of most expensive homes in the world. This large mansion spreads to an area of 23-acres. There are 10 buildings in this property, a man-made lake, a bathhouse, and tea house and koi pond.

Ellison Estate

The house has amazing scenic beauty around itself. The owner of Ellison Estate is Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle group. He is one of the richest men in the globe as per Forbes. The value of this home is $200 million.

  1. Hearst Castle

 A luxurious castle, Hearst Castle is where the shooting of the movie The Godfather took place. It is named as National Historic Landmark and situated on the Central Coast of California, United States. The design of this mansion is by architect Julia Morgan.

One of the notable features of Hearst Castle is the Neptune Pool. Other beautiful features of this mansion are a long dining room, Casa del Monte and amazing collection of Egyptian culture. It is one of the most expensive homes in the world having the value of $191 million.

  1. Seven the Pinnacle

The largest property in Yellowstone Club, Seven the Pinnacle is situated in Big Sky Montana. Yellowstone Club is the private ski and golf community. The house has many amenities such as pools, heated floors, a gym, a wine cellar, and ski lift.

Seven the Pinnacle

The owner of the house is Tim Blixseth who is timber businessman and real estate, developer. Another owner of the house is EdraBlixseth. Situated in the lap of snow covered mountains, Seven the Pinnacle is valued at $155 million.

  1. Kensington Palace Gardens

This is actually a street in Kensington having some of the most expensive homes in the world. It is better known as “Most exclusive address” in London. There are rows of houses belonging to some of the billionaires of the world among which there are private residents and national embassies.

The future plans are to build a tennis court, a health center and a museum on this street. The owner of Kensington Palace Gardens is Roman Abramovich and these gardens have the value of $140 million.

  1. 7 Upper Phillimore Gardens

The last on the list is 7 Upper Phillimore Gardens. This mansion has 10 bedrooms, a sauna, a gym, cinema, swimming pool, and a panic room. There are elegant artworks in this mansion. The interior of the mansion has intricate designs of marble, gold and various other precious gems. The owner of the house is Olena Pinchuk, daughter of Leonid Kuchma, 2nd president of Ukraine. This house is valued at $128 million.

7 Upper Phillimore Gardens

These are some of the most expensive homes in the world belonging to famous personalities.  The interior, design, and architecture of these houses make them unique and classy. They are slowly becoming the national landmarks of the countries.