Dumbest Oscar Winners in the History- Hollywood News


Movies are the best ways to provoke the feeling among the people of the society. They are the way to express the thoughts and display the real-life incidents in a dramatic way. Oscar award is the highest reward for the films which are exceptionally good.

Some of the outstanding movies such as Titanic and A Beautiful Mind have won Oscar awards not only for the category of acting but also for its cinematography and visual effects. There are few dumbest Oscar winners which no one in the world had expected for such a valuable appreciation. Let us have a glance at those winners.

  1. The Greatest Show on Earth

Directed by Cecil B DeMille, this movie is a story of a circus. It is a long movie featuring James Stewart, Betty Hutton, and Charlton Heston. It is quite an uninteresting plot of a clown and his life in the circus. There are not unique ideas in the movie and it is also a sort of boring long movie for the audience.

Most of the movies directed by Cecil B DeMille were hits but this one was very depressing and it is one of the dumbest Oscar winners in the Hollywood world.

  1. Tim Robbins for Best-Supporting Actor

Tim Robbins won the Oscar award for the category of Best Supporting Actor in the movie Mystic River. Although his acting was not remarkable in this movie, he bagged the award in the year 2003.

Tim Robbins for Best-Supporting Actor

Instead of that, some of the most talented actors such as Ken Watanabe and Benicio Del Toro could have won the Oscar award for the category of best actors in the movies like 21 Grams and The Last Samurai. Tim Robbins can be definitely included on the list of dumbest Oscar winners.

  1. Leon Shamroy for the Movie Cleopatra

The historical drama Cleopatra had the bad Cinematography. The movie is packed with many elements which make it slightly boring to watch. Well, it’s a long movie of four hours. However, some of the movie scenes are very good.

Leon Shamroy won the Oscar award for the category of Best Cinematography which was not at all a wise decision. There were much better movies which could have won the award for cinematography such as 8 1/2 and Irma La Douce and The Leopard.

  1. Geoffrey Rush as Best Actor

Geoffrey Rush’s win in the movie Shine was not all expected by anyone. He is one of the dumbest Oscar winners on the list because of his mediocre acting in Shine. Oscar award is a big word for his not so interesting acting in the film. Tom Cruise should have been on the list of Oscar winners due to his incredibly perfect acting in the movie Jerry Maguire. Another great actor Ralph Fiennes could have been nominated for his performance in the movie The English Patient.

5.”I just called to say I love you” song

The song “I just called to say I love you” sung by Stevie Wonder was chosen as the best original song in the Oscars. Although it was on the top list for many weeks, it did not deserve an Oscar award in any way.

The song is on the list of dumbest Oscar winners because of its extra sweetness. Being a romantic ballad, it has overloaded sweetness. Some of the better songs such as “Against All Odds” and “Footloose” should have been chosen for Oscars.

  1. Gladiator for best movie

Definitely, the audience liked this movie but its selection as the best movie for the Oscars is not at an appealing fact. The actor Russell Crowe did justice to his character in the movie but still there could have been better nominations for the best picture such as Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger, and Traffic. The movie Gladiator is one of the dumbest Oscar winners in the history of the Hollywood industry.

  1. Rich Baker for Best Makeup

One of the dumbest Oscar winners is Rich Baker who won the award for Best Makeup in the movie “Harry and the Hendersons”. The makeup of the monster was really bad in the movie. Moreover, it didn’t please the audience too.

There were some other nicer choices of movies than Harry and the Hendersons. Rick Baker is no doubt one of the best makeup creators but certainly not for this movie.

  1. A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind did not deserve an Oscar award at all. It is because the movie contains over emotions and it’s a sort of slow story. Somewhere in between the movie, the scenes are not at all impressive. It displays the artificial feelings at some point. Lords of The Ring would have been a good movie for Oscar awards. Moreover, it can replace a Beautiful Mind easily.

  1. Out of Africa

Another movie on the list of dumbest Oscar winners is Out of Africa. It got the award for the category of best picture in the year 1986. Out of Africa is a disgraceful movie. It is a tiring movie as such and shows the colonial romance between the people from two different countries. There could have been other films for Oscar award such as Ran, Prizzi’s Honor, and Witness. Moreover, there was no nomination for a classic movie like Ran.

Out of Africa

  1. Meryl Streep as Best Actress

The last one on the list of dumbest Oscar winners is Meryl Streep who won the award for best actress. Her performance in the movie Iron Lady was not impressive. She acted in some of the noteworthy movies such as Julie & Julia and Adaptation. Viola Davis was the better choice for the category for best actress.

These actors and movies unbelievably won Oscar awards despite being the unattractive ones. As Oscar is the highest award for best movie and acting, people remember them for many years. But, these were undoubtedly the dumbest Oscar winners in the history of the Hollywood industry which won just by the sheer luck and not actually with the actual talent.