15 Best Winter Fashion Trends of the year 2018


Winters have arrived and it is the time to protect your body from the extremely cold temperature with some stylish winter wear. From skin to the body, we should be careful about everything during the winter season. Nowadays, there are many trendy woolen outfits available in the market differing in designs and colors. The fur coats and jackets have become the style statements for the teen girls.

The leather jackets also are very popular among the youngsters in recent times. If you are looking for a good winter fashion trend this winter, read the list below:

  1. Layers

Layering does not only look elegant but also protect the body from the extreme cold. It is nothing but wearing numerous jackets on one another. You can pick differently colored jackets and match them with any jeans or capris. You can also try to match them with any skirt or jeans for a more casual look. For more beautiful loo, you can put a scarf around the neck which completes the outfit perfectly.

  1. Retro style

Be it hairstyle or outfit, retro style comes all the way from the olden times. The same is the case with winter wear. The teens are going for retro-styled fashion trends for making winter season a really good time. Light and dark brown colors are what were used mainly during the period of the 1970s. Long brown jackets and woolen gowns are in trend these days. You can also put some delicate accessories to give an elegant touch.

  1. Floral Designed Outfits

Floral designs are the most popular fashion themes in any outfit. It has now come in winter wear too. Maxis with floral designs are some of the best winter fashion trends these days. You can put a mini length frock with colorful floral print which will look unique and awesome. You can then match it with some oxidized or stoned jewelry.


  1. Animal Print

The classic animal print is the good winter fashion trend of the year 2018. There are ample animal prints available in the coats such as zebra, python patterns, cheetah, snake designs and others. You can also take a pair of animal print shoes to match with these trendy coats. These coats come in a variety of colors so that you can take beautiful and lightweight earrings to finish the look.

  1. Heavy Padded Jackets

Both old and new winter fashion wear, padded jackets are popular in all the age groups. They protect the body due to the presence of heavy material and look stylish also. If you staying in the coldest regions of the world, padded jackets are the most comfortable winter fashion wears you can go for. These jackets come in various colors such as navy blue, black, green, red and others.


  1. Plaids

Plaids are common yet elegant design themes on shirts and blouses. Now, you can also use plaids in the winter season. You can choose a full-length plaid shirt and pants. You can also match them with any colored jeans. This gives a heavy look and protects you from the cold temperatures also. There are various winter wears in the market with plaids you can choose.

  1. Cowgirl Look

Do you want to try a detective look or a look of spy this winter? You can go for cowgirl theme. Cowgirl look just leaves a good impression in the eyes of your friends when you are out for a winter party. Black is the most popular color for cowgirl look. You can buy a black leather jacket with a big hat and cowboy boots.

  1. Glossy

Glossy leather jackets are one of the best winter fashion trends nowadays. Various shiny fabrics flaunt in the market these days which give a classy and beautiful look. Additionally, these shiny winter wears also protect the body even at the lowest temperatures. You can put a pair of glossy shoes to complete the winter look.

  1. Fur Coats

Fur coats have never lost its shine in these many years. From skin fitting to big sized, fur coats come in various colors and shapes. You can take a black, brown or grey fur coat and wear it on simple trousers, pants or jeans. You can match the fur coats with any pair of shoes or knee-high boots. They are also protective during winter.

  1. Jumpers

Jumpers are some of the best winter fashion trends you can try this autumn. Slogan sweaters also look trendy. These sweaters come in different vibrant colors such as red, yellow and blue. You can wear colorful skirts to give an elegant look. You can also choose multicolored ponchos with unique designs this winter.

  1. Go with Tweeds

The next on the list is tweed. It is protective as well as fashionable. You can buy tweed coats and silk skirts this winter to get some warm. Tweed coats are a perfect style statement for every girl and you can also choose different colors in tweed coats. Finally, you can complete the winter look by putting a pair of knee-high shoes or cowboy shoes.

  1. Fringing Wear

Fringing dresses are a new addition in the winter trends nowadays. You can buy a full-length fringing dress with shiny fabrics and beautiful colors. The fringing dress is one of the best winter fashion trends which look stylish. Any pair of normal shoes or cowboy shoes looks great with fringing dresses. They look smart and are protective even in the lowest temperatures.

  1. Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are the most popular winter trends every autumn. You can now try something new which is leather pant. You can try a trench coat and leather pants to keep your body warm this season. Also, try leather skirts which simply look gorgeous. You can wear cowboy shoes or knee-high shoes with these jackets skirts or trench coats. You can also put some diamond jewelry.

  1. Stylish Bags

Handbags also have their own role in completing the winter look. You can go for some woolen hand purses or leather handbags this winter season. Saddlebags are also famous among girls nowadays. They are available in various layered or cross designs. You can pick different colors which match with your winter jackets and other wears.

  1. Capes

Capes have recently shown its magic on the ramp in some of the best winter fashion shows. They are so easy to wear and feel light on the body. Capes come in various styles and colors and you will look simply beautiful. From red to black colors, capes also have various designs. You can wear a pair of jeans or leather pants with capes. Capes are loose and comfortable to wear.


These are the best winter fashion trends which you select this winter season. From jacket to shoes, these trends are slowly becoming more famous among the teens. They not only enhance your looks but also keep the body warm in coldest temperatures.

So now, you can pick any of the above winter fashion trends to rock this winter. They will completely give you a unique look in your group.