Mini Camera WiFi SQ13: Waterproof Camera Features, Specification, Price

MiniCam is a smart camera, which is rich in utility as well as features and is certainly a great value for money product. Where to buy Mini Camera?

Why MiniCam Is The Most Useful Camera Device Ever?

A small camera with high clarity and night vision is certainly a boon in the modern era. Whether to capture happy and real moments of life or for security purposes a good mini camera can be very handy. MiniCam is one such revolutionary device that has a big list of features that are not only handy but are superior to many other rival offerings in the market.

MiniCam Features

  • The MiniCam firstly comes bundled with several different types of holders. This makes room for versatile usage. This also makes it very suitable for indoor or outdoor requirements.
  • The charging cable, the camera, on the whole, is very light and portable. You can easily fit the camera and its necessary accessories like the charger in a small pouch.
  • Night recording at high quality is often the concern of most camera purchasers. The MiniCam addresses this concern like a pro. It has eight InfraRed Lights, which benefits the night recording immensely.
  • This camera facilitates multi-dimensional recording with the help of an SD card slot and Wi-Fi capabilities. SD card slot with capacity up to 64gb allows it to store or save recordings and easily retrieve them based on need. While Wi-Fi enables easy transfer of live recording across devices benefiting real-time video transmission. The Wi-Fi range can be up to 20 meters without any obstruction.
  • The camera supports a video quality of up to 1920×1080 pixels, which is equivalent to a high definition output. The picture format supported by the cam is 4032 by 3024 JPG. The camera also supports wide-angle shooting.
  • With the sensitive motion detector that is inbuilt in the cam, the connected device (smartphone) is notified instantly when there is some movement in front of the MiniCam. This is very useful for wildlife photography as well as for security purposes.
  • The camera also is waterproof for up to 30 meters. This allows for further flexibility in usage and captures some breathtaking water pictures at high clarity.
  • Apart from the above features, the MiniCam supports support loop recording. It also possesses a USB 2.0 interface for seamless data transfer across mass media like pen drives, laptops or hard drives.

MiniCam package contents

The MiniCam comes with following accessories apart from the lovely camera-

  • Camera mounts for multipurpose use
  • USB data cable for charging
  • Universal Bracket
  • Waterproof shell body and base support
  • User manual

Where to buy the product from?

The product can be purchased from its official site. Due to its popularity, it can also be ordered from the Amazon site. So, what are you waiting for, go and get your smart cam right now!

User Reviews-

My name is Andrew. I am a wildlife photographer. I have a professional camera for photography but needed a MiniCam to capture some spontaneous events which my camera lens would generally not capture. Being closely associated with wildlife, for me it had to be night vision and water friendliness that made this deal a lot sweeter. Let me tell you the motion sensor is just fabulous. I have got hold some amazing bird and animal photographs and videos thanks to this amazing MiniCam. I will certainly recommend this for people looking for a high-quality portable camera.