Laughing Therapy- Advantages, Unknown Facts & Reasons


The world is facing stress, depression, and anxiety each day for many reasons. As our life is becoming more hectic, we tend to get tension and depression. Today, people are becoming more ambitious and as a result, there is a rise in demands and wants. All of us want luxuries and comforts in life. In these needs of life, we are finding reasons to be happy.

Advantages of laughing therapy

You must have seen on TV or read in the newspaper or magazines about laughter therapy. Many people are going for laughter therapy these days to reduce stress in life. There are numerous advantages of laughing therapy which we will discuss today in this article.

Reasons for Laughter

We laugh without any reason many a time. A smiling face can impress people at any place. A wide smile on the face can make the whole day beautiful. Smile boosts the mood hormones and makes us happy.

Laughing will reduce the depression and you can find a way to your problems. According to the studies, the person who laughs a lot lives a long life. Laughing each day will improve your health and you will also feel energetic.

We laugh in many different situations. When anyone cracks a joke, we laugh. Laughter can also occur while watching any comedy series on the TV. Sometimes, we get uncontrollable laughter even in a simple situation.

As per the studies, laughter clearly expresses our thoughts and feelings to the world. It is a type of language by which you can show what you feel without using the words. People laugh in various ways. Some people laugh loudly while some laugh in a soft manner.

Laughter is an important activity which makes our life more joyful and cheerful.

Unknown facts about laughter and smiling

There are some amazing facts about smiling and laughter which you are surely unaware of:

  • As per the studies, the babies smile in the womb of their mothers. It can occur anytime and it is a natural thing.
  • Baby will laugh approximately after 3 to 4 months of pregnancy.
  • It is stated by some of the experts that baby can hear in the womb of the mother after 3 months. Hearing the funny things, the babies laugh.
  • Laughing will keep the diseases at bay. It will also help in making the immune system better and healthier.
  • Laughing every day will bring more happiness to your life.
  • Laughing is actually a contagious thing which can spread from one person to another quickly.
  • People who have a good smile attract the world. As per the research, the people with a good smile can get their work done quicker and better than the ones who don’t smile.
  • According to some studies, one of the major advantages of laughter therapy is that it gives a longer life. It improves the health and immune system.
  • The world has 19 kinds of various smiles. Each person has a different way to smile.
  • Smiling brings positivity in the life. With a lot of positivity each day, you may achieve success. People who smile a lot will also get promotions and increments in the office.
  • People who smile can easily make friends in the world. According to studies, people with a good smile have more friends.
  • Laughing and smiling will reduce stress and depression and provide you a relaxed feeling.
  • It is proven from some studies that we all generally smile while working in the office. It is because we want to impress our boss and the colleagues.

Benefits of Laughter Therapy 

Laughter therapy is the most popular method in many countries. Many people join laughter clubs for reducing depression.

Laughter yoga is beneficial for the human body in various ways. Let us discuss the advantages of laughter therapy in detail:

  1. No Stress

Laughing improves the brain health. It will remove the stress within a few minutes and your mind will feel cool and calm. When we laugh, a hormone namely dopamine is released. This hormone will make your mood cheerful and you will happier. With a smile, you will get more motivation to do all your favorite activities. Laughter will boost serotonin also.

  1. Lowers Pain

Whenever we are sad, we often watch comedy TV series or read jokes. They make us happy and we forget all the pain. Laughter has the power to reduce the pain and you will feel good by laughing. Further, your mind will get a cool feeling when you laugh.

  1. Increases Blood Supply

Laughing will help in increasing the supply of blood throughout the body. It will provide you more resistance power which keeps the diseases away. Further, laughter will aid in increasing white blood cells. It will protect your heart and reduce the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. Laughter will also burn more calories in the body and provide more relaxation to the muscles.

  1. Good Exercise

Laughter is one of the best exercises which you should do in the morning. This will provide you more energy and stamina which will encourage to work better at home and office. Laughing 10 to 15 minutes every day will keep your heart younger and healthier. It also supplies more blood to the heart which improves the health.

  1. It spreads Happiness

Laughing and smiling are contagious and most of us return a smile for a smile. They spread the positivity in the atmosphere. When you laugh, the people around you will also feel positive and they also join you in laughter therapy. Positivity in the environment will naturally bring more happiness to the people.

  1. Cures Mental Disorders

One of the biggest advantages of laughter therapy is that it cures various mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, nausea, anger, and tension. Laughter can even bring a good quality of sleep. Studies show that laughter can reduce the stress at work and you can also gain more concentration. You can focus on work better with laughter therapy.

  1. Long Life

If you want to stay longer, you should laugh every day at least for 15-20 minutes. Many studies have been done on the people who laugh and those who don’t laugh much. The studies reveal that people who laugh a lot live 7 to 8 years more than the ones who don’t laugh at all. So, it is the best practice to laugh for some time each day.

  1. Improves Respiratory System

Laughter therapy will show improvements in your breathing. It will provide more air and make the lungs stronger and healthier. Additionally, laughing is also beneficial for abdominal muscles and vocal cord. Laughter therapy has numerous advantages for singers and actors. You can also improve your speech with laughter therapy.

  1. Healthy Facial Muscles

Laughing will strengthen your facial muscles. It will provide good facial expressions too. When you laugh, the facial muscles get involved and they get better and stronger each day. Further, laughing every day will give your face a younger look. You will also look fresh and healthy with laughter therapy.

10.Brings Glow on the Face

Do you know that laughter therapy can actually make you beautiful? Laughing will supply more blood to the face. This will further make your skin shinier and healthier. Laughter therapy works better than beauty products and will make your face more attractive. You will happier and cheerful with laughter yoga.


Laughter will release a hormone which is called dopamine. This hormone provides you with more stamina and energy. With more energy, you can work better at the office with a higher level of concentration. This will help you fulfill every target on time. Doing the perfect work will earn you promotion and increment. So, it is good to laugh every day for some minutes.

12.Reduces Asthma Attacks 

People with asthma and bronchitis should laugh every day for some time. This will further provide more oxygen in the lungs. It is revealed from studies that people who join laughter club get lesser asthma attacks than those who don’t. One of the major advantages of laughter therapy is that it also removes the chest infections if there are any.

13.Gives More Confidence 

Smiling and laughing will bring you more respect from the people. When people see you laughing, they will automatically approach you. It is the feeling to create a lasting impression in the minds of the people whom you meet for the first time. Laughing will give you more self-confidence wherever you go. People who laugh develop stronger bonds.

Final Lines

Laughing has some magic which spreads instantly in the atmosphere. These are the advantages of laughter therapy which many people have actually got. Laughter is the natural medicine which will heal each of your problems within a few minutes.

Laughter will bring more positivity and happiness in life. You can develop a positive attitude towards all the things with the help of laughter therapy.