Apple Highlights- Apple Watch Series 4 Reviews


Just a few days back, Apple made an announcement of Apple Watch Series 4 which is one of the best iPhone alternatives. It is an all-in-one gadget which serves the purposes well. Whether it is making a call, sending a message or making a schedule of exercises, you can do everything on this watch.

Before the launching of the watch by the company, the media revealed the Apple Watch Series 4 reviews given by the customers. There are many websites which gave the reviews of this watch such as health, tech, lifestyle, fitness, and fashion.

Apple Watch Series 4

Different reviews by different magazines

Women’s Health stated that the watch is a powerful device especially the health and fitness features. You can count the heart rate and make the schedule of exercises and workouts. The watch also tracks your activities such as running, jogging and walking and shows the total distance covered. As per Women’s Health magazine, game-changing bells and whistles made Apple Watch Series 4 from investment-worthy healthy accessory to sleek device which might save your life.

The New York Times stated that ECG reading is one of the most important developments in wearable gadgets in these many years. On the other hand, The Independent stated that the speed improvements and new health features are notable at every level. Further, it revealed that the design of Apple Watch Series 4 is gorgeous and bright. The vivid display with narrow curved bezels looks great.

The uptick in performance power is good at each level. The increased health qualities and fitness monitoring are exceptionally well. This is one of the important reasons for buying Apple Watch Series 4.

As per TechCrunch, this watch is a nice solution from the point of view of both hardware and software. It is one of the best engaging gadgets when you need it the most.

As per Refinery29, this is the first Apple Watch with a huge display, gorgeous watch faces, good health and fitness features and improved speakers. The price #399 is worth it taking into consideration all these beautiful features.

iJustine revealed that the screen feels as if you are watching IMAX movie.

Positive reviews

The company mainly focused on positive reviews of the Apple Watch Series 4. Surprisingly, there was the majority of Apple Watch Series 4 reviews from the people. They stated that they would love to upgrade their old Apple Watch model.


The people who used the earlier Apple Watch model must have experienced a lack of features and slow performance. For them, Apple Watch Series 4 is a much better option with good speed, efficiency, and amazing features. In other words, it is better than earlier models.

New watch faces

The watch has many beautiful new watch faces such as Fire, Water, Vapor faces and Liquid Metal. The watch faces matching the edges of the larger display. The company displayed these watch faces in Cupertino on September 12. Further, the making of these watch faces was shared by Cool Hunting.

Apple Watch Series 4

Vice President of user interface design at Apple, Alan Dye stated that the visuals of Fire, Liquid Metal, Water and Vapor Apple Watch were shot using high-resolution video capturing and not the computer. These are the real fire, water, liquid metal, and vapor elements.

Further, Dye shared that it is the story of the design team. It was all shot all in a studio. Dye further stated that the creation of these new watch faces includes best and varied talents and it is the efforts of the design team which resulted in these watch faces. Apart from these watch faces, you can also choose from the Infographic face supporting up to 8 complications.

Apple WatchOS 5 has mindfulness app Breathe. Apple is launching the Apple Watch Series 4 tomorrow but before that, the reviews are positive.

Final words

Many customers praised the watch saying that after four generations, the company has introduced an amazing product, Apple Watch Series 4. Having an updated screen, new watch faces, sleek design, useful apps, health and fitness features and much more, this watch will be liked by Apple lovers.

Officially, the shipping of this watch starts from tomorrow, Friday, September 21. Many customers have pre-ordered this device last week and they will receive the products tomorrow. Those who have not pre-ordered the watch can buy it from one of the retail stores on the day of launching.

Looking at Apple Watch Series 4 reviews, it is clear that this product is useful in every day’s life. You can do listen to music, send emails, plan workouts and exercises, know the heartbeat and lots more.