Why Air Purifiers Are So Popular Among People?


Air which we breathe is not pure all the time. It may also happen that we inhale impure air in our house too. We keep the windows open for most of the time in a day. It invites many harmful particles and dust into the house which may cause several health diseases. Polluted air can also cause breathing problems especially in patients suffering from asthma.

An air purifier is one of the most useful gadgets for every home. It improves the quality of air and makes it ideal for breathing. It will eliminate the harmful particles from the house and you will get the maximum purified air.

There are several benefits of air purifier due to which people prefer using it in the homes. They are as follows:

  1. Eliminates Pet Hair

The homes with pet get the maximum benefit from the air purifier. Pet hair is always present in the air which will cause serious allergies to kids. One of the best benefits of air purifier is that it removes all the hair from the air and make sit clean to breathe. Air purifiers are very useful in homes with kids and pets. It can easily remove all the pet hair within few minutes.

  1. Prevents Lung Infection

Many people smoke a cigarette indoors which will pollute the air inside the home. If one breathes this air, he may get asthma or bronchitis. The air with smoke is also harmful to children. Air purifier includes HEPA filters which will eliminate the smoke completely from the atmosphere making it clean for inhaling. An air purifier will protect your family from dementia, asthma and other respiratory diseases.

  1. Useful to Homes Near Construction Sites

Air purifiers are essential for homes which are located near construction sites. These sites contain many harmful particles, dust, and mud which may pollute the air inside your house. The filters in air purifiers will clean the air up to 99%. Some other benefits of an air purifier include reducing the risk of emphysema and other health issues.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Asthma

Asthma is caused by breathing dirty or polluted air. Every home contains dirt to some extent. The air inside your home may contain dirty particles from cigarettes, sprays, perfumes or cleaners used for home. An air purifier will remove all these particles from the house and cleans the air. It further reduces the risk of asthma and other health diseases. It also removes the invisible particles from the air.

  1. Prevents Lung Cancer

Inhaling polluted air may cause lung cancer. Radon gas is found in all offices, homes, colleges, and schools. It comes by the way of electric wires, walls, floors or pipes. One of the biggest benefits of air purifier is that removes the radon gas from various places. It will reduce the chances of lung infection in homes and offices.

  1. Beneficial for Pregnant Ladies

Impure air can severely affect the health of mother and child in her womb. The tiny particles in the atmosphere may cause complications during pregnancy. So, it is advisable to keep an air purifier in the house where there is someone who is pregnant. The clean air will improve the health of the one who is expecting. The air purifier cleans the air in the house completely.

  1. Decreases Levels of Carbon Dioxide

Too many plants in the house can produce more amount of carbon dioxide. This is harmful to health. We inhale carbon dioxide often which may affect the body. The air purifiers contain HEPA filters which help in eliminating carbon dioxide from the house by purifying the air inside the house. It also reduces the risks of high BP, weakness, nausea and other diseases.

  1. Removes bad smell and other harmful particles

Normally, we clean the carpets with vacuum cleaners. Still, there are some dangerous particles on the carpet such as pet hair, dust and other toxic elements which may pollute the atmosphere of the home. The benefits of an air purifier include removing these harmful particles from the carpet. It further removes the bad smell in the house caused by various things. It makes your home fresh and clean.

  1. Good for Homes and Offices

Computers and laptops produce a lot of dust which can pollute the air in the homes and offices. This polluted air may cause breathing problems. It is good to buy an air purifier for homes and offices as it will clean the air and make it fit for inhaling. Additionally, the air purifier also reduces the harmful particles present in the air.

10. Keeps Away Insects

One of the major benefits of air purifier is that it may keep all the insects at bay. The homes, schools, and offices have mosquitoes in large number which cause malaria. An air purifier will keep away all the insects and bacteria which cause infection and diseases. It also removes toxins from the air.

11.Good for People with Odor Allergy

Many of us are sensitive to dirty odors of that of food, smoke, alcohol or sprays. The air purifier will remove all these odors within a few seconds. You will get the pure air without the dirty smell. This will naturally improve your health and you will enjoy staying indoors.

  1. Useful in Hospitals and Clinics

An air purifier is also very useful in hospitals. It will purify the air inside the clinics and hospitals so that patients won’t get serious illnesses. It will further reduce the risk of diseases such as asthma, tuberculosis, and bronchitis among patients.


There are many other benefits of air purifier such as improving the quality of sleep and it also boosts your mood. Pure air is necessary for healthy body and it protects the body from harmful diseases. However, you should choose the perfect air purifier for homes or offices. You can buy an air purifier from the online stores also or from a local store.