iOS 12 Review- Know 11 Best New Features in iOS 12


Its big news for Apple lovers as finally the company brings iOS 12 in the market with amazing features and functions. One after another, Apple is constantly introducing some of its best models such as iPhone XS Max, Apple Series 4, iPhone XR and now it is Ios 12. A few hours back, the company made the announcement. The features of iOS 12 are quite impressive as they are not very new ones but only the improvements in the older ones.

iOS 12

11 Best Features in iOS 12

Unlike the previous handsets, this operating system has something unique in itself because of which you will like it. Let us go through the features of iOS 12 in detail.

  1. Screen Time

This is one of the most useful features of iOS 12 for all of us who love to get stuck on the phone for many hours. Screen time will now keep a track on your activities. It will show you the total time you spent on the phone for the whole day.

Along with that, a new dashboard is being added by the company in the Settings menu. So now, it seems you can do your work with more concentration as your phone will track you. Apart from that, the dashboard also informs you about the apps on which you spend most of the time. You can know the total notifications each app sends you, number of calls and lots more.

  1. More like a Trackpad

Are you done with the usual Gboard in your iOS devices? You can now enjoy typing on a new keyboard. One of the best features of iOS 12 is the 3D touch. While typing a message or email, you will feel comfortable with this keyboard as the words just flow and the speed is also better than the rest of your iOS devices.

This new keyboard runs as you tap and hold spacebar. It is a much simpler way to write a message, letter or email. Whether now you have numerous messages to send, emails to type or letters to write, this latest keyboard will do it for you.

  1. Siri Shortcuts

Siri is a different thing which every iOS device has. Now you can depend on Siri right from the morning till night. From waking up from the bed to fixing an important meeting, Siri will help you at every stage. You just need to configure your iPhone by giving it all the instructions for the next day.

Every hour, Siri will notify you of the task that is yet to be done by you. Whether you are at home, meeting, office or car, Siri will keep on following you until you finish the task. From college students to office managers, this feature is really useful.

  1. Pandora App

When you have an Apple device, the music is really beautiful. Because of rich quality speakers, you can feel the music anytime. One of the most amazing features of iOS 12 is the shortcut to the Pandora app. Now, here is where Siri will again help you.

Suggesting you some of the most well-known songs, Siri will provide you music preferences. It will suggest you the songs looking at your likings which you can listen on different stations of Pandora. But, if you are selective about your music choices, you can add a custom Siri phrase for all your favorite tracks, albums,and artists.

  1. Evernote Shortcut

With iOS 12, you can now create a note or copy a link to the clipboard with ease. Now, you don’t have to follow a long procedure to open the camera or audio note as there are shortcuts for opening those. This will save much of your time and the task can be done quickly.

Apart from this, you can also print a note with the help of shortcuts. So when you are at a meeting or a seminar, you can write all the important points without wasting the time. Unlike other iOS devices, this OS has the convenience for preparing the important notes.

  1. Face ID

This is one of the best features of iOS 12 which provides a safety to your phone against thefts. If you are the guy in the college or in the office whose phone is often taken by friends or colleagues, this feature will help you.

Face ID feature runs on a passcode. And so, if your friends want to open your phone, they will obviously need a passcode. With the passcode, the phone does not unlock. But, it is equally important for you to remember the password.

There is a simple procedure to enable Face ID. First, you have to tap on Settings and further click on the option of Face ID and passcode. Then select Set Up an Alternate Appearance Ta-da.

  1. Do not Disturb

On weekends, you don’t want to attend any phone calls or look over the notifications, right? So, you will now have an advantage for that in iOS 12. You can just swipe on a lock screen to click on the option of “Deliver Quietly”. All the notifications will arrive without making any sound in the phone and then you can just check them all on Notification Center.

  1. Airpods

We all want to hear music is utter silence. When you are on a bus or train and you want to enjoy music on your phone, you can click on the option of “Settings”. Then tap on Control Center and click on Customize and add “Hearing” option. Live listen feature will now give you an amazing music experience eliminating all the disturbing background voices.

  1. Memoji

Memoji is one of the best features of iOS 12 for selfie lovers. With this feature, it is simple to record all the voice messages and share them with your friends in the Messages. You can even attach your lovely selfies with Memoji. You can then drop the Memojis on photos or messages to share with friends and siblings.

  1. Songs by the Lyrics

Many a time, it happens that we want to hear a particular song but can’t remember the name of the song. Now you can get the song in Apple music by just writing a line of the song in search column. You will then get a list of all the songs which match the lyrics you typed. You can then select the song which you want to hear.

  1. Get the Passwords Easily

Many of us forget the passwords of our Gmail or websites. With iOS 12, it is now simple to get your password back. If you are using a 3rd party password manager, it is a very simple task to get the password. You just have to click on “Settings” and then tap on “Passwords & Accounts”. Further, click on AutoFill Passwords. You can directly log in to your accounts.

Final Words

These are some of the best features of iOS 12 which make it truly a unique operating system from previous ones. With iOS 12, the life will be easier, simpler and better. Without any hurdle, you can complete all your tasks at home and office with excellence and perfection.