Top 10 Best Fitness Gadgets For Health Junkies


Today, most of us are becoming health conscious. Diet plans, exercises, walking, and workouts are routine activities we follow. Due to increasing pollution and changing lifestyle, we get a number of health issues these days such as high BP, diabetes, cholesterol and other diseases. Each day, we gather more and more calories in the body by the way of foods. This further leads to increase in body weight and fats get deposited in various parts of the body such as belly, waistline, hips, neck, and cheeks.

If you are always worried about your health at home, office, gym or any other place, you should invest in some of the coolest fitness gadgets which are as under:

  1. Sportiiiis

Sportiiiis is a display which contains 6 LEDs to show the heart rate. If you love cycling, Sportiiiis is a must-have device for you. It will check the heart rate in an accurate manner. You can attach this device on the sunglasses and it will give you the stats with the help of voice. It can be also used while running. Sportiiiis is one of the coolest fitness gadgets with small size. With the help of zip ties, you can fix it on either sunglasses or the normal glasses.

It also comes with a speaker, power mode multifunction and a USP port. Apart from heart rate, Sportiiiis will also track your speed and cadence. This device has 7 colored LED lights to show different results.

  1. Dumbbell Alarm Clock

From waking you up in the morning to regularize your routine for workouts, this alarm clock is one of the best fitness gadgets. It comes in various colors. It comes with LCD display to view the time properly. It is very easy to operate and runs on batteries. Further, Dumbbell Alarm Clock comes with exercise and normal mode for setting alarm. It will never make a delay in any of the activities.

It is also lightweight and you can take it to any place in your bag. You can do 30 upward swings of a dumbbell in the countdown of 30. It has beautiful handling and you will simply love to do workouts daily. You can order Dumbbell Alarm Clock online from Amazon. This device looks better than the normal dumbbells and you will feel comfortable to hold them.

  1. HAPIfork

Can you imagine a smart fork can actually change your lifestyle to a great extent? HAPIfork is a smart fork designed by Jacques Lepine. It keeps a track of all your eating habits and notifies you if you are eating at fast speed. Eating fast affects the health a lot. It has indicators and vibrations to notify you if there are any wrong food habits. This electric fork measures several factors such as the length of time taken for eating meals, intervals between the servings taken by the fork and others.

Apart from that, this fork also measures the number of food servings taken with the fork and many other factors. You can view all the results on the online dashboard of There is also a app which will help you in eating habits.

  1. Sivan Fitness Backrest Ball Chair

Back pain is one of the most common health issues in both adults and youngsters. We have to sit for long hours in the office on computers which naturally result in back pain. Our back needs a good support to remain erect. Consisting of metal, this chair is durable in nature. It will help to make your body posture perfect within a few weeks.

This is one of the top best fitness gadgets which you should have at home or in office. It can be easily stretched and if you have any spine disorder, it will help in curing that too. Further, this ball chair will also help in making your muscles stronger and healthier. It will also increase the blood supply and provides relaxation in the full body.

  1. Trace

The next on the list of coolest fitness gadgets is Trace fitness tracker. This is a very useful health device for those who love sports such as surfing and skateboarding. You can attach this fitness tracker on the surfboard or skateboard. It will then show you all the data such as height and speed with the help of the Smartphone app.

This device works in all seasons and it is also waterproof. Trace works with Android as well as iOS devices. You can also use it with GoPro by which you can record the videos and add the stats. You can then share your videos and stats with your friends on social media sites. There are many other features in this fitness tracker such as paddle distance, GPS mapping, number of turns and others.

  1. Neptune V2

Neptune V2 is one of the best fitness gadgets for water sports lovers. It works seamlessly in the water and gives a superior quality sound. It comes with 4 GB storage so that you can store many songs at a time. You can also hear audiobooks, music, and podcasts in high-quality sound in Neptune V2 MP3 player.

It further has an OLED screen on which you can view the list of the song and play it. It also has speakers on both sides. The design of this MP3 player is sleek and perfectly fits on your cheekbones while you are swimming in the pools. You can also see the name and artist of the song on this beautiful screen which will add more fun to listening to music.

  1. Smart Sock by Sensoria

Smart Sock is one of the best fitness gadgets which you should have in office and home. It is an effective remedy for your leg pain and inflammation. Smart sock will track your running forms and also gives you valuable feedback. You can connect this smart sock with mobile app namely Sensoria fitness app.

Apart from that, Smart sock comes with pressure sensors when you get the wrong walking style. It is also a nice gadget for females who usually wear high heels. You can also view the foot heat map on this mobile app. With the help of smart sock, you can know how your foot lands actually. It also aids in making better your running style. It is a good device to keep your lifestyle better and healthier.

  1. Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale

This device will give accurate body weight with the percentage of fats in the body. You can view regularly the graphs and stats on It is very simple to use and can be conveniently used by 8 users. You can also control the data to be shared.

It works well with WiFi of 802.11b. Additionally, this Smart Scale includes the latest technology which will also show the lean mass and Body mass index. The device also has a beautiful glass surface. This device will track and provide the results in charts, graphs, and stats for better understanding. It is also compatible with Fitbit tracker. It has a thin body and you can store it in any part of your home. The stats and graphs will be totally private to you and no other person can know about it.

  1. Umoro One

The next on the list of coolest fitness gadgets is Umoro One. It is a good device for home, office, trip or gym. You can easily prepare a health drink by adding some quantity of powder in it. This bottle has a ball which will mix well all the hard powders.

This bottle has an innovative design and is comfortable to use. It can easily carry 55g of health supplement in it. There is a simple button which you need to press and you health drink will get ready within few minutes. You can take it in during your gym sessions. The design of this bottle is just beautiful and looks decent wherever you take it. It also dissolves all clumps properly while mixing the ingredients.

  1. Charge HR

Charge HR is one of the best fitness gadgets which are simple to use. It tracks your heart rate and also the calories burnt in the body. You can know about your progress with the help of stats, graphs, and charts.

If you have irregular with your workout sessions, you can use this smartwatch to regularize it and view the progress after using it. You can later share the graphs and stats with your friends and family members. If you are successful in completing the workout sessions, you will get badges in the app.


This is the list of coolest fitness gadgets which will keep you fit and healthy. They can be stored in any corner of the home. They also have simple functions. You can carry these devices anywhere you go without worrying about your health anymore.

These smart devices will help you in tracking each of your activities more precisely.