Best and Healthy Pet Food for Dogs- Crazy Tips


Dogs are best companions of man and so, it is the responsibility to take care of them just as take of ourselves. Dogs also have feelings similar to us. It’s just because they are our pets we should not ignore the quality of their foods. While choosing foods for the pets, you should be careful enough as the food will decide the growth and nurturing of your dogs. We should always choose the best pet foods for a dog which will keep them energetic and healthier.

Secondly, you should choose the pet foods which your dogs like. They should provide adequate proteins to your pets along with taste. The pet foods should suit your dog’s body and they should not get any illness. Apart from that, pet foods should be different from the usual and boring ones which your dog eats every day. The reason is that your dogs will hate the same food and it will also affect their health adversely.

Necessary tips while choosing the pet foods

Just like humans, dogs should be given high-quality food. Poor quality food items can cause many diseases in your pets which may be harmful to you as well. When you decide to buy healthy pet food for your dogs, you should consider the following factors:

  • You should always go for organic food for your dogs. The foods should not have any chemicals, sugars or flavors which will harm your pets in any way.
  • If your dog loves grains, you should pick the grains without gluten. You will easily get grains without gluten in the market such as buckwheat and quinoa. These grains are good in taste and provide proteins to your pets.
  • While choosing the pet foods, you should make it sure they contain all natural and organic ingredients. The natural items will not cause any allergies in your pets. Additionally, you should check that the foods meet certain quality standards.
  • You can also prepare the pet foods at home. They are much healthier and better than the ones available in the shops.
  • You can also consult the veterinarian for selecting the best pet foods for the dog.
  • You should avoid buying the products with the title “Animal fat” and “Meat Protein”.

Best Pet Foods for Dogs

When it comes to your pets, you should not compromise in any low quality or cheap pet foods. There are some of the best pet foods for the dog which you can choose for your pets.

  1. Merrick grain free dog food

This pet food contains some of the most natural ingredients such as sweet potatoes, peas and lamb meal. It will provide more nutrients to your pets and keep them healthy and fit. This dry food comes in 9 flavors so that your dog does not have to eat the same flavor each day. It comes with the chart which will guide you on how much calories you should give to your pets.

  1. Canidae

Canidae is one of the best pet foods for a dog with a high amount of proteins. It also includes carbohydrates which dogs can easily digest. You can prepare some of the tastiest recipes for your pets with Canidae. Additionally, you can prepare the recipes for puppies, senior dogs or any other breed. Canidae contains wild boar and duck which do not cause allergies to your doggies.

  1. Orijen

Grain-free and natural dog food, Orijen is next on the list. This is one of the most reputed brands producing high-quality dog foods. Orijen dog food contains all the fresh and natural ingredients which can suit the health of any breed of dog. They further contain meat and proteins. You can purchase any dry food by Orijen or any kibbles. As Orijen provides grain free foods, the dogs will easily digest them.

  1. Wellness CORE grain free dog food

This is another good brand which offers a variety of flavors in the dog foods. This food is made from natural and organic ingredients. Wellness CORE dry dog food is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a healthy pet food without fillers or preservatives. Many customers have used Wellness CORE dry dog food for their dogs and revealed that it helps in reducing the anxiety and aggression of the dogs.

  1. Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo is the brand which you can blindly trust for your lovely doggies. It produces good quality wet food. It designs the foods which suit the needs of every breed of dog. Apart from that, the wet dog food is tasty and contains more amount of moisture. It also has fewer carbohydrates which makes it a healthy pet food for dogs. Blue Buffalo considers the health of the dog as very important and so it produces the food using good quality ingredients.

  1. Organix

Organix produces many kinds of dog foods such as adult dog food and wet dog food. These dog foods contain a higher amount of prebiotic fiber and probiotics. The manufacturing process of these foods takes place in hygienic conditions. Further, Organix dog foods do not contain chemicals, sweeteners or grains. It is also available in 6 different flavors for your dogs. It also reduces the allergic reactions such as itching in the dogs.

  1. Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild produces some of the best pet foods for a dog with natural ingredients. It does not contain grain which can be easily digested by the dogs. It further includes fruits and legumes which are beneficial for the dogs. They are also rich in proteins which will reduce the anxiety in the dogs. Apart from that, these foods also contain more fiber and energy. This food contains roasted meat which will reduce the food allergies in the pets.

  1. Primal pet products

Fresh food will provide more stamina and energy to your pets as per the experts. Containing all the organic ingredients, Primal pet products are raw foods. It will provide more nutrients than the cooked dog foods. It provides 9 recipes full of proteins and free of hormones and antibiotics. There are many raw frozen mixes and freeze-dried recipes for your pets. It also contains healthy supplements which will make your pet healthier.

  1. Sojos dog food

The next on the list is Sojos which produces some of the best pet foods for the dog. It includes foods such as raw turkey, raw beef and raw lamb. These foods do not have gluten, grains, preservatives or colors. There are 4 flavors in this food. It is very easy to prepare the meals. The meat is of high quality so that your pets can easily digest. It does not contain GMO ingredients or artificial flavors which will make your dog ill.

  1. Earthborn Holistic

If you want high-quality dog food for your dogs at reasonable prices, you can go for Earthborn Holistic. This dog food contains no gluten, grains or artificial flavors. It is rich in proteins which will protect the dogs from diseases. Turkey meal and chicken meal are some of the best ingredients used in this food. It offers many raw frozen formulas and freeze-dried recipes for the pets. You can mix these ingredients to make a homemade and healthy recipe for dogs.

  1. Nature’s Variety Instinct

Nature’s variety Instinct offers dry dog food with raw ingredients. It is prepared with the help of Cold Pressure technology which removes the heat from the food. Further, there is no moisture in these foods which makes is the safe product to be consumed by the pets. It is also good in taste and provides more nutrition to the pets for various activities. This is the healthy pet food for puppies, senior dogs or any other breed.

  1. Lily’s Kitchen dog food

Lily’s Kitchen organic dog food is tasty as well as healthy food for dogs. It is rich in vitamins and minerals which provide more energy to the dogs. Lily’s Kitchen organic dog food is a wholesome food for the health of your pets. It comes in flavor. It is made using natural ingredients so that dogs which have allergies to certain foods can digest it without any problem. Further, it does not contain grains or gluten.

  1. Whole Earth Farms

The last on the list is Whole Earth Farms. It is one of the best pet foods for a dog which you can try. It is healthy as well as affordable in price. The foods prepared by Whole Earth Farms are good for the skin and coat of the dogs. They further have animal proteins, probiotics, and carbohydrates in higher quantities.


Grains, gluten, and other preservatives are not digested by the dogs. These are the best pet foods for dog containing all the fresh and natural ingredients. They provide energy to the dogs and also cure their skin problems or other health problems. They are suitable for every breed of dog.