Boxers Increase the Fertility in The Males- Crazy Talker Tips


Most of the couples try to have a baby after the age of 30 years. As we live a fast life, there are often infertility problems seen in both males and females. There are numerous reasons for low infertility in both genders such as stress, irregular food habits, anxiety or any health issues.

Boxers Increase the Fertility

As per the studies, many males have the low sperm count and they are unable to father a child. After the age of 35 years, males often face the problem of low sperm count.

The experts suggest men wear boxers if they want the better quality sperm. This is because boxers are more comfortable to wear than briefs.

Reasons for Infertility

Infertility in the males is often due to smoking and drinking habits, stress at work and wearing tight briefs and jockeys. The studies reveal that the men who wear boxers have better quality sperm than those who wear tight underwear.

The males who started wearing boxers instead of briefs noticed that there was an increase in the sperm count after continuing this habit.

The briefs and tight underwear do not provide a comfort and also affect the sperm count in males. The sperm production decreases if there is an increase in scrotal temperature. And so, it is advisable to wear boxers instead of tighter undergarments.

Hormone Levels

The tight undergarments increase the hormonal level which leads to a decrease in sperm count. The boxers are comparatively good for better quality sperm.

The fertility in the males and scrotal temperature are interrelated to each other. The increase is scrotal temperature affects the fertility in the males.

Sometimes, the brain compensates for the reduction in sperm count. The studies reveal that more than 50% of males around the globe have sperm abnormalities. This is because of the various reasons being depression, smoking, drug addiction and work pressure.

A higher FSH provides better quality sperm in males. It is proved that the males who prefer boxers over briefs, jockeys, and tight underwear have high-quality semen.

Heat Factor

Heat has a vital role to play in the sperm count of males. It is revealed that seasonal variations also affect the sperm production in the males.

The increase in heat lowers the sperm count and you may face the infertility problems while trying to have a baby. It is important to use lose boxers, especially in summer for better quality sperm.

Semen Test

To know the fertility in the males, the doctors take the sample of blood and semen and ask certain questions such as types of underwear they prefer and the style.

These tests reveal that the males wearing boxers stay younger for a longer period of time. They are also slimmer than the males who wear tight-fitting underwear.

The sperm count actually increases by wearing the boxers. Even the quality of semen is better by wearing boxers rather than the other underwear.

Final Words

If you want to have a baby, start wearing boxers if you have not started yet. Try to wear for 3 months as the process of spermatogenesis takes 90 days and more.

Wearing boxers will result in better quality sperm and you will really see the difference after 3 months. The sperm count will increase which makes you more fertile to father a child within a short period.