BreatheX™ Pro Series N95 Mask: Safe Breath In Outbreaks


The air around us teems with allergens, microbes, dirt particles, toxins, pathogens, and also extra. With the improvement of industrialization, pollution is raising, which is making our immune system weak. The increasingly susceptible body immune system is making us more vulnerable to conditions, specifically those that are airborne. For those that live in metro cities, finding areas with fresh air to take a breath has come to be a deluxe. There is a lot air pollution airborne that merely taking in and also out amounts to cigarette smoking multiple cigarettes every day. To shield your health and wellness from the risk of lung problems, you require to wear top quality facemask like BreatheX ™ Pro Collection N95 Mask while heading out.BreatheX Pro Mask

Airborne conditions like Coronavirus have actually come to be a global crisis on this day. Every physician and wellness professional is suggesting you to wear the very best high quality mask effectively to see to it you do not breathe in the pathogens. The concern of transmittable illness is, however, not limited to Coronavirus. There are other airborne diseases as typical as cold as well as influenza that can make your life unpleasant. To stay secure from such issues, it is much better to use a mask while heading out.

BreatheX ™ Pro Series N95 Mask Introduction

BreathX Pro is a premium face mask that filters the air you breathe every day. It is one of the simplest ways to keep you and your liked ones safe without spending a lot of money. The filtration system installed in the face mask assists in keeping your secure from the air-borne health problems. As it filters the pollutants, it enhances the wellness of your lungs.

BreathX Pro is constructed of 3 layers of filters. The material is breathable, and also it comes with sweat absorption technology. It is incredibly comfy to use and also does not hurt your skin. As it is cleanable, you can reuse the exact same mask also after more than 350 washes. Not only it conserves you from the damaging impacts of air pollution, but it also deals with the environment, unlike the non reusable masks.

BreatheX ™ Pro Series N95 Mask is ergonomically made, keeping in mind the fact that the shape of the faces varies from one person to another. It appropriately covers the nose as well as mouth. The flexible catches do not have any harsh edges making the mask comfortable to use for lengthy hours. Though the product used in the mask is washable, it still withstands sprinkles of water.

While picking a face mask, the features matter a great deal. BreatheX ™ Pro Series N95 Mask features 2.5 PM bits filter that makes sure the air you are breathing is secure as well as clean. It catches all the dust and toxins as well as lets you take a breath the freshest possible air.

BeatheSafe Pro

How does BreathX Pro job?

There are numerous sorts of face masks available in the market, however to discover the one that can protect you from every possible pathogen is difficult. BreathX Pro is among the extremely few masks readily available that featured several layers of the purification procedure. In the very first layer, the dust bits as well as debris in the gets caught. These are mainly irritants that can create sinus problems as well as various other respiratory system troubles.

The internal filtration layers contain 100% pure triggered carbon filters that soak up the virus, microbes, unfiltered dirt, as well as other contaminants. The polyurethane products maintain all dangerous particulates away. BreathX Pro leads its rivals in the marketplace in this element, also infections are strained. A lot so, that it can capture particles as small as 2.5 PM. Removing these great bits shields your lungs from long-term damages.

There is a breathing valve connected to the mask that helps in smooth exhalation while breathing. The ear rope is highly flexible, creating no pull on your ear and yet remains steady while you commute through the high-traffic areas.

Features of BreatheX ™ Pro Series N95 Mask

Unbelievably helpful: The three-layer filtering procedure that features this face mask is extremely effective. The very first layer entirely eliminates bigger fragments like dust and so on. The carbon filter removes germs, unfiltered dirt, microorganisms, as well as various other contaminants. The third support layer ensures there are no particulates left in the filtered air. With such an innovative filtering system, it works far better than the majority of the face masks available in the market.

High-grade material: The develop quality of the face mask is very innovative. It comes with polyurethane products combined with carbon fiber that guarantees sturdiness.
Comfy to utilize: It is a fit-to-all mask, you need not stress over the dimension while buying it. It fits on everybody’s face properly irrespective old as well as dimension. You can acquire such masks for children, grownups, as well as seniors.

Durable as well as dependable: While traveling in public transportation, you are usually scrambled around. Most of the face masks usually appear or obtain torn away due to the impact. Nevertheless, BreathX Pro is secure and dependable. It will not move also when you commute through high-traffic zones, protecting you throughout your time outdoors.

Smooth exhalation: The mask contains a valve that opens as quickly as you breathe out and also enables carbon dioxide and also moisture to spurt instantly. This procedure is necessary to keep the mask comfortable to use, without warming up the surface area of your skin.

Attractive designs: Unlike the cumbersome versions of the other masks in the market, the smooth appearance of BreatheX ™ Pro Collection N95 Mask will certainly make you wish to reveal it off when you use it.BeatheSafe Pro

Advantages of using BreatheX ™ Pro Series N95 Mask

BreathX Pro features a well-researched designed to ensure you as well as your liked ones remain secure from the unsafe effects of contamination and also illness. Right here are a few of the primary advantages of using BreathX Pro:

Multiple layers of filtering: BreatheX ™ Pro Series N95 Mask features several layers of purification. It helps in eliminating 99% of the pollutants from the air you take in, making it one of one of the most reliable products offered in the market.

Full security: Not only pollutants but crucial viruses too are removed, protecting you from all conditions that are transmitted with the air.

Easy to clean: As it is a cleanable product, you can clean it several times. It is easy to clean, as well as a light detergent is more than enough to make it as good as new.

Clean and also reuse: Unlike the non reusable masks, you can clean it when it gets dirty and also get rid of all caught materials, and recycle it several times. This is beneficial for the environment also as well as saves you the expenditure of having to buy brand-new face masks continuously.

Easy to carry: As it is collapsible, you can quickly take it in your pocket or backpack when you are not utilizing it.

Outstanding fit: Among the primary problems that people face with such masks is that they usually do not fit comfortably. That is not the instance with the BreathX Pro. It has functional straps that conveniently fit around the ears of individuals of all ages.

Anti-slip: It includes an anti-slip innovation that guarantees it will stay in its placement till you remove it.

BreatheX Pro Mask

Technical requirements of BreatheX ™ Pro Series N95 Mask

Function: Anti-fog, anti-PM 2.5, anti-pollutant, anti-dust, anti-road violence.
Filter impact: 95 percent or more
Two-layer polyurethane filtration: The very first layer works as a filter for large particles as well as dirt. The 2nd layer features as a filter for germs and also unfiltered dirt.
Mask design: Hanging ear cover. It covers the nose and mouth completely.
Exists a breathing shutoff: Yes
Product: microfibre
Security degree: N95
Size: approx. 27 × 14 centimeters
Air filter: 2.5 PM dust-free air filter

Infection filtration: Carbon triggered layer to keep out the infections like Coronavirus as well as H5N1

How to make use of BreatheX ™ Pro Collection N95 Mask?

BreathX Pro face mask is straightforward to utilize. Both children and also grownups can utilize it. Please comply with the actions mentioned below to utilize the mask:

Maintain the shutoff on the outside as well as hold the mask near to your face
Put the straps behind your ear
Ensure it covers both nose and also mouth adequately.
While getting rid of the mask, get rid of the straps first.
It is advisable not to touch the front side of the mask often.
It will provide the very best performance if you wash it at least when a week.

From where to purchase BreatheX ™ Pro Series N95 Mask

As it is a high quality Facemask and a prominent product, some duplicates are readily available too. To make sure you obtain a real item, you will certainly do well to get the mask from a main website. You can additionally use substantial discount rates and also provides that are not available with any other e-commerce sites.

Cost of BreatheX ™ Pro Series N95 Mask

Presently, BreathX Pro is readily available for the quantity of USD 49, at a discount of 50%. You can acquire a 67% discount on the purchase of 2 masks and a 73% discount rate if you choose to buy three masks with each other. The cost of shipping will depend upon your area. You can make the settlement online through Visa or MasterCard, or via PayPal.

Replacement as well as refund

The firm is providing a 30-day money-back warranty on BreathX Pro. If you intend to return the product as well as obtain a refund, please make certain that you do not open it. You will get a refund after deducting delivery charges and tax obligations. Please note that if you have opened up the product and also discover it malfunctioning, you can ask for a substitute.

Advantages and disadvantages of BreatheX ™ Pro Series N95 Mask


Recyclable environment-friendly that you can clean multiple times.
3 layers of the filtering process.
It can filter dust bits, pollutants, and also microbes, including viruses.
Easy to use and also very easy to bring.


Limited supply, order quickly to stay clear of sellouts
BreathX Pro consumer reviews

Gabriel: I take a trip a great deal, and I love strolling wherever as well as whenever possible. Nevertheless, in the last couple of years, I have discovered that I am incapable to breathe appropriately due to the boosting air pollution. After consulting with a couple of experts, I made a decision to buy a top quality face mask. I came to know about the BreatheX ™ Pro N95 Mask from a close friend who is using it for the last few months. As it is an affordable item, I thought about giving it a try. Believe me, I have never been happier with any purchase before. It is not just comfortable to wear yet easy to make use of also. As it is recyclable, I will not have to acquire another mask for months to come. The shutoff for breathing out is completely put, which makes the breathing process even more comfy. For me, it is one of the very best face masks presently available out there.

Dorthy: I often need to visit areas where air top quality is horrible. I have asthma, and poor air quality frequently sets off an attack. Though I don’t mind taking my inhaler everywhere with me, exactly how far can I go with needing to take medicine every single time I go out? I assumed, why not provide face masks a try and bought BreathX Pro after reading its testimonials. I received it a month earlier, and in this one month, I have actually not been sick even as soon as a result of air pollution. In my experience, going anywhere without a mask was a poor choice, and also I ought to have bought BreathX Pro a lot prior to. However as the stating goes, it’s never ever far too late. I would definitely suggest this mask to everyone.BreatheX Pro Mask

Final words

In nearly every part of globe pollution is among the biggest problems. Some parts of the world are so contaminated that breathing with no security there amounts involuntary inhalation. Also, the risk of airborne illness like the flu, H1N1, and also the awesome Coronavirus are on the increase, some coming to be international upsurges. Therefore, it is essential to secure your lungs constantly with a top quality face mask like BreatheX ™ Pro N95 Mask. If you invest a long period of time outdoors, this mask is perfect for you. Obtain one today, experience improved breathing quality, as well as take great care of your wellness.

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