Selfie Drone 720x Review- Get the Real Photographic World?


Photography is an art in which the only a handful of people master. Taking pictures of the sunset, people, nature, and objects is a unique thing. These pictures are good memories for the lifetime and we often cherish them at a later stage of life. A good photography is only possible when you have a good camera. The market is flooded with some of the best drones and cameras and it becomes quite difficult to pick one good camera from them.

selfie drone 720x

Drone 720X is one of the latest drones available today if you want to take superior quality pictures and videos. It can shoot at 30 FPS and includes a camera of 720p resolution. Let us further discuss the features, working and where to buy it.

Features of Drone 720X

  • Good quality camera

With 720p resolution camera, this drone will provide beautiful picture and selfies. It has a speed of 30 FPS. Whether it is nature or portrait photography, this camera will give the best pictures which will look as fresh as they were taken for the first time.

  • Great speed

Drone 720X has a great speed of 49 mph. You can take live videos and pictures anytime with this drone. If you are an adventure lover, this drone is a good thing for you. While going for a skydiving or parachute flight, you can take the amazing photos of the hills, mountains, and greenery from above within a few seconds.

  • Simple operation

This drone includes controls which make it easy for you to operate it without any difficulty. These inbuilt controls aid in keeping the drone steady which will give more precise and professional photos and videos. The functions of this drone are quite simple to understand.

  • Live streaming facility

Live streaming is a very popular concept these days. You can take the live videos of marriage functions, parties, seminars, trips, musical concerts and many other auspicious occasions with Drone 720X. It will also avoid the hurdles if they come in between the live shooting of events. You can then share live videos with your friends and relatives on social media platforms.

  • Good video output

This drone is quite easy to operate. You just need to capture and record the videos. Similarly, you can also take the rich quality photos and images with this camera.

  • Can fly over an altitude

This camera comes with settings in which you have to enter the height. The drone will fly over that height for capturing the videos and photos. It can fly up to higher altitudes which becomes an advantage for you to take photos and videos.

  • Range

With a control range of 70 m, Drone 720X some of the best images and videos anytime and anywhere. You can then view them in your smartphone and share them with your friends, colleagues, and relatives.

  • Amazing flips and stunts

This drone can flip and also do stunts while taking photos and recording videos. They can perform easily without getting stuck in the obstacles. You will simply get a flawless photography with this drone.

  • Long lasting battery

Battery life is a very important factor while buying any drone. Drone 720X has a long-running and powerful battery which will provide you superb performance. It provides the flight time of 8 minutes.

  • Records everything

Many drones cannot record the videos precisely with minute details. On the other hand, Drone 720X shoots everything with clear details and you will get perfect videos even with the minute recordings. This drone is of much help to the adventurers or wildlife photographers.

  • Lightweight

Unlike other cameras and drones which have a heavyweight, Drone 720X is lightweight and easy to store. You can carry it in anywhere in your handbag or laptop bag too. It can also fly conveniently in the air from any higher altitude because of less weight. You can also carry it along with you while skydiving to record all the live videos and capture photos from the sky.

How does it work?

This drone is a mini flying machine by which you can take the awesome aerial and panoramic views from the higher altitudes. It can even capture the videos and photos from hills and higher buildings.

With a maximum speed of 49 miles per hour, Drone 720X offers a robust performance while shooting videos and taking photos. One of the biggest advantages of this drone is that it can do stunts. You need to learn first the working of this drone and later, it can do flips and stunts on its own.

It is one of the best drones for professional photographers and amateur photographers. The controls are really cool and within some time, you can easily learn them and control the camera from anywhere. This drone has easier controls than other drones available in the market.

With the help of Drone 720X, you can stream the video directly from your Android smartphones, tablets or notepads or iOS devices.

Another great feature of this drone is its simple operations. Even the kids can understand the working of it. It is also a good drone for experienced drone pilots.

Specifications of Drone 720X

Drone 720X comes in various elegant colors such as white and black, and black and blue version. The weight of this drone is just 85 grams.

There are also extra propeller blades set available with this drone.

Where to buy it?

You can order online Drone 720X from Amazon. There are many payment modes available by which you make payment. You can also get a discounted price if you buy two of them.

Final words

Drones are better than cameras as they provide better quality while taking photos and videos. Drone 720X is a fantastic drone which you can use anywhere for recording live events and capturing photos.

Having a great speed and clear camera, this drone will become favorite of kids as well as adults.