EVATAC PRO- XML Tactical Flashlight Reviews, Features & Price


A flashlight can be used in different places for various tasks. You can use at home, office, picnic spots, hiking areas, and other locations. A good quality flashlight can give you nice brightness even in the darkest areas. If you are an adventure junkie, you know well the significance of buying a topnotch quality flashlight. Hunting, biking, camping, hiking, and other adventurous activities go perfectly only when you have a bright flashlight.

Evatac Pro is the new generation flashlight with superb brightness and features. It is a lightweight tool to make your trips more enjoyable.

EVATAC PRO-XML Tactical Flashlight

Features of EVATAC PRO-XML Tactical Flashlight

  1. Modern emitter

This flashlight includes XMLU2 LED which has mind-blowing brightness. This tool can cover a large area whenever you are going camping or hiking. EVATAC PRO-XML Tactical Flashlight can give 1000 lumens with 100 lumens in each watt. This flashlight will help you in heavy rainfall while changing the car batteries or tires.

  1. Long-running batteries

The disadvantage of using ordinary flashlights and torches is the temporary batteries. You have to replace the batteries every few days to keep such torches go on. On the other hand, you get a long term relief by using Evatac Pro flashlight. It comes with 2 x lithium 18650 powerful batteries. Now, you can use this tool without the need to replace the batteries.

  1. Strong body

This flashlight is made from premium quality aluminum. It is easy to hold and does not slip from the hand while using it. Further, the solid construction does not let the flashlight break even after falling on the ground or hard surface.

  1. Several functions

Containing 5 functions, Evatac Pro can be used for any purpose. You can adjust the settings of a flashlight according to your need. Besides that, you can call for an emergency with SOS function if are stuck somewhere in the region full of heavy rains of snowfall.


  1. I am Daniel from Washington. I love spontaneous activities like hunting, camping, nature walks, and others. The normal torches didn’t deliver good performance and I wanted to find a substitute for them. Then I came to know about Evatac Pro from a neighbor. This flashlight has amazing brightness and I love to take to carry it while going for picnics. It is a lightweight device as well.
  2. I am Mary from Arizona. I travel by car whenever I go along with my friends. Sometimes, the battery of my car and tires do not work due to heavy rains or snow. EVATAC PRO-XML Tactical Flashlight always helps me to change the tires and batteries of my car. It is resistant to snow, rains, and heat. This flashlight also has good zoom facility and convex lens.

What do customers say?

People love using Evatac Pro wherever they go. They say that the brightness of this flashlight is better than cheap torches. Some customers say that this tool contains a fine quality convex lens which can be used to view the objects more precisely. Few people also say that this flashlight is resistant to heat, snow, water, dust, and rust as well.

Where to buy this product from?

EVATAC PRO-XML Tactical Flashlight is available only on the official site and not in any local shop or store. To order the sample product, you should first go to the official site. Then you have to submit all your shipping details in the online form. Further, you have to make the payment using cash, debit or credit card.

So now, turn every simple and boring trip into an electrifying adventure by using EVATAC PRO-XML Tactical Flashlight.