12 Amazing Health Benefits of Marijuana- Must Read Today!


Marijuana may sound dangerous but it is actually not. It is now becoming legal in the USA after the experts have found its effect on health. It is not just a drug but also a medicine for many treating health problems.

marijuana health benefits

Marijuana consists of 2 chemicals, Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol. While cannabidiol has effect on brain, tetrahydrocannabinol has a healing effect. There are numerous Marijuana health benefits which we will discuss today.

  1. Fights Against Cancer

As we discussed above that marijuana contains CBD, it is a useful element in fighting against cancer. Cannabidiol stops the gene known as Id-1 which gives rise to more cancer cells. Many experts and researchers also stated that one of the biggest marijuana health benefits is to stop cancer from spreading in the human body. It has also a vital role to play in treating breast cancer.

  1. Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common health problem which many teenagers as well as the adult face. This is due to a number of factors such as work pressure, stress during exams and tension of any other work. You can treat anxiety by consuming marijuana. It has anti-anxiety properties by which you will feel relaxation and calm.

  1. Alzheimer’s Diseases

The major marijuana health benefits include treatment of Alzheimer’s diseases. As per the study by Kim Janda, marijuana slows the disease from spreading in the brain. It is because marijuana contains THC, which blocks the enzyme in the brain that is responsible for this disease. THC stops the amyloid plaques which kill brain cells.

  1. Glaucoma

The next health benefit of marijuana is the treatment of Glaucoma. It is the disease in which pressure increases in the eyeball. Due to this pressure, the person may lose the eyesight. One of the biggest marijuana health benefits is that it lowers the glaucoma pain. However, you should take marijuana in limited quantity otherwise it may lead to anxiety in the body.

  1. Treatment of Muscle Spasms

A study revealed that many teenagers who had diaphragm spasms found relief after consuming marijuana. These teenagers stated that they tried many medications and treatments but could not find relief in muscle spasms. These spasms are very painful and also affect the functioning of other parts of the body. Smoking marijuana treats the diaphragm spasms quickly and also makes the muscles stiffer.

  1. Nausea

Marijuana health benefits also include treatment of nausea. It contains 60 cannabinoids which have an effect on the mind. These CBDs treat nausea caused by the drugs or even chemotherapy. Moreover, marijuana also contains THC which has mind-altering properties. Many people suffer from nausea and they actually found marijuana as an effective remedy to treat it.

  1. Treatment of Bowel Diseases

The consumption of marijuana is beneficial in the treatment of bowel diseases such as ulcer and Crohn’s diseases. The chemicals in marijuana, CBD, and THC mix with the cells in the body which are important in the healthy immune system. They also block the entry of the bacteria inside the intestine. Marijuana makes the intestinal cells bond tighter. It also treats stomach cancer and ulcer.

  1. Treats Arthritis

Most of the people above the age of 50 years have arthritis problem. Marijuana health benefits include relief in the pan which causes due to arthritis. A study revealed that people who started consuming marijuana found relief in arthritis after 2 to 3 weeks. It contains cannabinoid which has healing effects and gives reliefs in the pain of arthritis. Apart from that, marijuana also helps in improving sleep and you will have a sound sleep at night.

  1. Helps in Metabolism

Smoking marijuana helps in metabolism which further reduces the body weight. Many studies stated that the people who had more calories in their body found relief after consuming marijuana. The body responds well to sugar after consuming marijuana. Smoking marijuana also helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels. There are many marijuana health benefits for the diabetic patients.

  1. Protects Brain after Stroke

Marijuana is beneficial for the people who suffered from brain strokes. To check this effect, many experiments have been done on rats and mice and the studies stated that marijuana protects the brain after a stroke. The other marijuana health benefits also include treatment of traumatic disorders. As it has CBD and THC which are good for the development of the brain, smoking marijuana helps in reducing the area of the brain affected by the stroke. It also helps in making the brain more powerful.

  1. Reduces the Pain from Chemo

One of the major marijuana health benefits is that it provides relief in the pain caused by chemotherapy. Many cancer patients get nausea and vomiting while they are on chemotherapy treatment. Smoking marijuana helps in reducing the side effects caused by chemotherapy dose. It relieves the pain, nausea and increases the appetite in the cancer patients. The main element, THC present in marijuana helps in the treatment of side effects caused due to chemotherapy treatment in the people suffering from cancer.

  1. Helps in treatment of drug and alcohol addiction

The people who want to leave drinking and drugs can smoke marijuana. One of the major marijuana health benefits is that it is not as toxic as alcohol. It helps in treating alcoholism by removing the disruptions in the endocannabinoid system. Moreover, marijuana is a good alternative to prescription drugs and many other illegal drugs.

Some helpful tips while taking marijuana

  • Do not consume marijuana in excess quantities. It may cause anxiety and paranoia.
  • Overconsumption may affect the memory.
  • The first users may get some mind-altering effects with marijuana.
  • Marijuana can lead to heart attacks and so, it is necessary to smoke it in limited quantities.

Being a medicine and drug, there are numerous marijuana health benefits for the human body. From brain disorders to arthritis, it can treat every disease.

However, you should know how much quantity you should take and in what way you can take it?