Hyper 360 Camera Review- Get the Best Selfies with Android?


Selfies drive everyone crazy and all of us first wants the best quality camera while purchasing a new Android smartphone. There are innumerable companies coming into the market each day with the best Android smartphones with better camera features, superior sound quality, and others. But, we know that the cameras of Android smartphones cannot take the panoramic views of the place with the full environment.

Hyper 360 Camera

A new device, Hyper360 Android Camera is particularly designed for taking the panoramic views of the places in one click. You can attach this camera with an Android phone for taking beautiful pictures and selfies.

Features of Hyper 360 Camera

It is easy to navigate in any direction for taking perfect clicks. Hyper 360 Camera is lightweight and can fit on any Android smartphone. With a lovely spherical shape, this camera can be connected to the devices with the help of USB Type-C. It also comes with a micro USB for easy fit for any Android device.

Whether it is a wildlife photography or portrait photography, this camera will take all the clicks. You can also take live videos on your Android smartphones and also edit them to get the beautiful moments.

Further, the camera has an F2.0 lens. It also includes dual 201 dual fish eyes. You can take photos as well as videos with Hyper 360 Camera. The videos can be recorded in the resolution of 2560*1280. The weight of the product is 26.5g/0.9oz.

Hyper 360 Camera comes in four modes, Flat mode, Sphere mode, VR mode, and Planet mode. Additionally, it has good functions, a panoramic camera, VR video shooting helper and 360 webcams. You can click the selfies in any of these modes and share them on various social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

By recording live videos, you can then share them on YouTube and Twitter. This camera includes 360-degree vision in photos or videos and you can take a 3K photo and 2K video. It has amazing clarity which will give the perfect videos and photos with the precise background.

This device is compatible with all the Android smartphones. It is also very simple to fit the camera on phone. It has a powerful feature by which you can take the picture with the entire background. It further provides the full-sized images from every angle without cutting any corner.

Specifications for Hyper 360 Camera

The camera comes with the optical wide angle of 360*220 degrees. It gives the 3K HD images in resolution 3008*1504. Apart from this, the device comes with a CMOS sensor. It is one of the most useful cameras for professional photographers who have to capture the perfect moments.

The frame of the camera has superior quality construction and it is also durable in nature. It comes with HDMI output and EIS image stabilization. Hyper 360 Camera also has an amazing night shot function so that you can take the live videos and images when you are at a nightclub or attending the night party.

Further, the camera comes with remote control support and operates on Ambarella processor. However, it does not have NFC and WiFi support. You will get the images in 3008*1504 pixels.

It also comes with extendable attachment handle for taking the photo and videos in a more professional manner. It will also help to you take the full image with surroundings and every detail around you.

Hyper 360 Camera is one of the most beautiful devices to take photos and live videos for wedding, parties, and parties in the 360 degrees. So now, you can throw away all your old devices for taking images and photos.

How does it work?

One of the best advantages of Hyper 360 Camera is it’s easy to use and the simple handling. Whenever you are traveling, attending a night party, or having an outdoor adventure, you prefer to use lightweight cameras for perfect selfies.

With lightweight devices, you can easily capture the moment and record also. This latest device has a good attachment with it. You just have to attach on your Android smartphone and later, it will work on its own.

Then keep the camera above your head in a way that the full background is captured along with you, of course. Hyper 360 Camera will use a fisheye lens to take the images in a precise way. It is very convenient to carry in your pockets or traveling bags.

As the camera has a durable frame, it will not cause damage to it even while traveling. It is actually better than a professional camera which is heavyweight.

Final words

Various Android smartphones come with powerful cameras but still, you cannot get that magic which a professional camera does. Hyper 360 Camera is specifically designed for those who do not want to compromise when it comes to taking photos and videos.