Apple Unveils Its Unique iPad Pro Diary with Amazing Features


Apple has been surprising the fans with some or other products these days. First, it was iPhone XR, various colors in iPhones, and then it was Apple watch series. Now, it is time for a huge iPad Pro Diary which is just a unique iPad.

A portable device, this iPad is quite impressive not only because of its appearance but also for its features. Let us further discuss the features of this product.

Features of iPad Pro Diary

  • Big display

This iPad has a huge screen of 12.9 inches. It will thrill you with while watching any horror or action movies. Having a big screen is one of the best advantages while recording a live video or taking selfies. The clarity of iPad Po Diary is simply great.

  • Good quality of sound

This iPad has amazing sound speakers which give you a real movie experience while watching your favorite movies. When you watching a football or cricket match with your best buddies, it is so much fun to cheer for your favorite team when you this iPad.

  • Better internet surfing

The huge display of 12.9 inches will give you a better experience of internet surfing. You will simply love reading eBooks on iPad Pro diary and also to play games like Clash of Clans.

  • Portable device

This amazing product by Apple is easy to carry anywhere. Whether you are a college student or manager, this iPad is perfect for use. You can take it in a handbag or laptop bag too.

  • Comfortable edge

The corners of iPad Pro Diary have square edges with rounds. The sleek and beautiful design of the device will give your hand a comfort to hold it. In spite of its larger body, you can conveniently use it.

Specifications of iPad Pro Diary

  • Large storage

This iPad got 1TB storage capacity. This is one of the major advantages for those who want to save big sized movies and TV shows on their devices. The storage of 1TB is also good for the people working in companies to save files, folders, and documents. You can also save manuals on this device.

  • USB-C

One of the unique features of iPad Pro Diary is USB-C. This means you can now use this iPad as a power bank.

  • Latest Apple Pencil

The device comes with the latest Apple Pencil by which you can write easily on the screen of iOS devices. If you love drawing, you can use this pencil to scribble on iPad.


This is one of the most useful devices for students, employees or businessmen. With huge storage capacity, big display, and beautiful design, iPad Pro Diary is a worthy effort by Apple.

You can save all your favorite tracks, movies, TV shows, and sports matches on this tablet without any problem. You can order online iPad Pro Diary and get the delivery within a few business days.