JBL Xtreme Ultra-Powerful Portable Speaker- Specifications & Features


Music is the feel without which your life may turn colorless. Whenever you are going on a trip with your family members and friends, music gives a pleasant trip experience. Many of us have a habit to listen to good old classics on music players every day. We spend huge money on music players and MP3 players but is it equally important to get a pair of good speakers for real music feel. Many electronic companies come with music speakers but not all have that special effect of music.

JBL Xtreme

JBL is the most leading brand when it comes to music speakers. It produces a wide range of music speakers for music lovers. A new portable speaker, JBL Xtreme has recently arrived in the market which will give a beautiful music feel. It is one of the most popular music speakers these days. Let us study the features and specifications of JBL Xtreme portable speaker.

Features of JBL Xtreme speakers

  • Strong Battery

The speaker comes with a long-lasting battery of capacity 10,000mAH. It is made from Lithium Polymer. In one time charging, the battery will go up to 15 hours and play all your favorite tracks. The long-lasting battery will give more entertainment while traveling to longer distances. JBL Xtreme Portable speaker makes each of your journeys more exciting.

  • Waterproof

This portable speaker can be cleaned with normal water. Even if you are carrying it in heavy rains, the speaker won’t get damaged. You just have to take care to avoid putting it in the water completely. It can withstand any weather conditions.

  • Wireless Bluetooth

This is one of the best portable speakers having the feature of Wireless Bluetooth. You can conveniently connect this music speaker to any of devices such as phones, Notepad, tablets or Book for better music feel. You can easily stream all your favorite tracks on any of the devices for playing in fantastic sound.

  • Loud call

While playing all your favorite songs, it may happen that you get an urgent call. You can then attend the calls with clear noise. The speaker also has speakerphones which will you a better noise while attending a call.

  • Connect with more speakers

If you are throwing a birthday party or any other party at your place, you can make it more interesting with JBL Xtreme portable speaker. You can connect this speaker to many other JBL speakers to enjoy the party more with pop songs. This speaker can also be used in any event hall or discotheque for an amazing experience.

  • Durability

JBL Xtreme speaker consists of superior quality fabric material and rubber. This material will increase the life of the speaker and it is also easy to use anywhere.

  • Easy to carry

You do not have to worry while planning a party at the farmhouse or a garden. This is one of the best portable speakers which you can carry in a suitcase while going for trips.

  • Charges multiple devices

The speaker comes with two USB ports by which you can charge many other devices at one time. You can charge your mobile, tablets or Notepad with the help of this speaker. This means when you are having a long distance journey, this portable speaker will solve the problem of charging your phones or tablets.

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  • Facility of voice assistant

Siri and Google Now are the most popular ways to complete many tasks these days. Whether you have to fix a date for meeting or seminar, Siri will do everything for you. JBL Xtreme speaker will also give you access to Siri or Google Now anytime. If you are on a long route journey and you forget your location, you can search the location on Google Now.

  • Bass Radiator

The passive radiators make the speaker more awesome and you will feel the real effect of bass. Whether it is a party venue or your own home, this portable speaker will make the place more interesting and pleasant. The bass radiator will give each music lover a thrilling music feel.

Additionally, this music speaker is lightweight which gives you much comfort to take it in a bag or suitcase. It is an ideal music speaker for indoor and outdoor parties, auspicious moments and festivals.

Specifications of this product

  • It has a robust frequency between 70Hz to 20 kHz which can throw sound even at the farthest distance.
  • The speaker supports different Bluetooth profiles such as A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.5, HFP V1.6, and HSP V1.2
  • JBL Xtreme speaker with 1 2A single USB and 2 1A Dual USB.
  • The product has an 80dBnoise ratio.
  • The weight of the product is 2112 g.
  • The dimensions of the product are 126x 283x 122 mm.
  • It includes a Bluetooth of version 4.1.
  • The speaker consumes less power and also cuts electricity bills to a large extent.
  • The product comes with Bluetooth Transmitter of 0-4dBm power.
  • Bluetooth transmitter can cover the range between 2.402-2.480GHz.
  • It includes dual woofers of 63 mm.
  • The battery takes 3.5 hours to get fully charged at a power of 5V1A.
  • It also includes 2 Tweeter of 35 mm.
  • The fully charged battery will play the continuous music for 15 hours. However, it may differ from the content of audio and the levels of volume.
  • It was manufactured in the year 2015.
  • There are many other accessories which come in the pack of this speaker. They include 1 power adaptor, 1 safety sheet, 1 strap, 1 start guide, and 1 Warranty Card.
  • The speakers have an output power of 20 Watts.
  • The audio wattage of this speaker is 20 Watts.
  • It has a voltage of 14.8 volts.
  • The speaker comes in blue, Black and Red color which looks beautiful in any place.

Reviews of the customers

Many customers used JBL Xtreme portable speaker and gave positive reviews for it. Most of them loved the bass of the speaker which delivers a strong music effect at any place. They further stated that the sound of this speaker is simply fantastic. Some customers used this product at their home. They revealed that it has a good frequency.

One of the biggest advantages of this music speaker is that I can be cleaned with normal water. Many customers took this speaker along with them to various places. They found it to be a durable product which can work in any climatic conditions. Even the heavy rains cannot affect it.

The customers who used JBL Xtreme speaker loved the amazing battery of the speaker. They stated that if the speaker is fully charged, you can use it for 2 days without any problem.

Some customers loved the connectivity options of this speaker. They liked the product because it could charge a maximum of 3 devices at a time. The price is slightly higher but then it is worth if you see all the good features.

The aux input is one of the best options in this speaker. Some customers loved the portability of the product. They stated that it is easy to take the speaker anywhere with you whether it is a picnic or a family trip.

Apart from that, the voice quality is exceptionally well. You can place it any party venue, seminar hall or farmhouse. This is one of the best portable speakers by which you can enjoy the party anywhere with your favorite artist’s songs.

The people who used JBL music speakers earlier found this product more rocking one. They found JBL as one of the most trustworthy products in the field of music speakers. The clear and loud sound of the speaker was praised by most of the customers.

There are some customers who found the product a little louder and there is some distortion when you keep the levels of volume very high. However, the product performs well. Some people purchased JBL Xtreme portable speaker for their drawing room and they loved it.

In terms of rating also, this portable speaker has no match with other common speakers. The customers gave a rating of 4 to 5 stars just for its sound quality.

Where to buy from?

You can purchase JBL Xtreme Portable Speaker from Amazon or its official website. If you want to know the features and specifications of the product, you can visit the official website of Amazon. The cost of this speaker is $199.95.

There are many payment options which you can use after placing the order on Amazon. The customers who order JBL Xtreme Portable Speaker on Amazon will also get a gift coupon. There are also offers on certain debit or credit cards.