Logitech’s MX Vertical Mouse Finally Arrives in the Market


The mouse is an important accessory in the computer but overuse of it can make the hand more painful. Vertical mouse is a totally new concept these days. Logitech brings a smart mouse to provide comfort and less strain to the muscles.

Logitech MX Vertical Mouse

The company is always up to something new for the users along with the product’s usefulness. MX vertical mouse has the robust technology which is bound to perform well on your desk.

Features of MX Vertical Mouse

Excellent Performance 

Some of the most professionals have applied their knowledge and skills in designing this mouse. One of the best features of the MX Vertical mouse is that you can run it on multiple computers. You can even customize buttons as per your convenience.

It is an efficient device for your desktop. Even the cursor speed can be easily managed using this mouse with the help of Logitech Options software.

Multiple ways to connect

It is quite a new thing to connect a mouse to a PC in different ways. You can connect this mouse by 3 ways including Bluetooth, USB-C charging cable and Logitech Unifying Receiver. It is important to update the operating system for the amazing experience of the mouse.

Speedy recharging

We need a mouse each minute to surf the internet or to access various files and folders. The vertical mouse by Logitech will go on in a single time recharging. With a full charge, you can enjoy using the mouse for at least 4 months.

Another advantage is that USB-C will speed up the charging process.

Logitech MX Vertical Mouse

Logitech Flow

Switching from the screen of the computer to that of the laptop is quite a simple task now with brand new MX vertical mouse. You can easily handle multiple tasks on multiple screens with the button of the mouse. How seamlessly the work can be done!

Tilted Design

One of the main reasons to choose this vertical mouse is its well-planned tilted design. The idea behind the tilted shape is to provide rest to the hand.

Easy Scroll Wheel

Scroll through the pages and websites with the nice scroll wheel. It also has a middle click.

Cursor switch

You can also adjust the speed and accuracy of the cursor with a single button. The mouse comes with a powerful 4000 DPI sensor which is beneficial for your hands.

Advantages of MX Vertical Mouse

Convenient position

The design of the mouse is in such a way that you will feel relaxation with the natural handshake position while working on the desktop.

Less muscular strain

Working constantly on PC can pain your hands and your muscles may get weaker over a period of time. However, it is not the same in the case of MX vertical mouse. Your hands will get much relief with this smart and latest mouse.

No Pressure of wrists

Not only your hands but also the wrists face a lot of pressure while working on the computers for long. The special feature of 57-degree vertical angle will provide a thumb rest and you can work with ease on computers as well as a laptop.

Good Rubber Surface

The mouse comes with a smooth rubber surface which helps to have an optimal control over the PC and laptops.

Final words

This mouse is comparatively good in design, features,and performance. The company is promising that MX vertical mouse will work on any type of hands without causing strain or pressure even to wrists. So, it is now the time to upgrade your old mouse to the vertical one.