5 Weddings Across World To Know About The Expensive Marriages


The Wedding is the recognition process along with a couple. But did you know how much the cost of this wedlock? There was a horrible money explosion in its execution. If you need that your wedding was astrological then you definitely try as the same as these mentionable weddings. The biggest ceremony celebration was showing that it is very important to you. Last year a businessman from Aurangabad gave 90 houses to her daughter’s wedding. Here are the top 5 best expensive weddings.

Amit Bhatia and Vanisha Mittal ($78 million):

18th November 2004 the Indians outshined the Arabs when When Amit Bhatia and Vanisha Mittal married. The This wedding is the most expensive wedding in the history. To become the cost of this wedding is $78 million. Upon receiving the 20-page Silver card for each event, 1000 guests of the world were present. 1000 guests in every event were present in the world, to receive the 20 – page silver card. This silver card can allow the guests to know the lavish details about the entire venue of the last five days. To celebrate the wedding in the place of the finest chateau and the garden in France, Vaux le Vicomte in the 17th century. The pop singer Kylie Minogue is performed in their wedding and can also highlight the event. The Kolkata Chef is prepared 100 various dishes for the guests.

Princess Salma and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum:

Arabs have really known that how to celebrate a wedding party and especially when it talk about a wedding of the ruler then it does not require to talk about any other options. The ruler of Dubai was wed with Princess Salama in the year of 1981. The cost for the wedding was made $44.5 million). They can arrange their wedding in the most place of Forbes list that is “Billionaire Weddings”. The wedding stadium was built only to celebrate the wedding occasion and for entertain over twenty thousand guests for seven luxury days.

Priva Sachdev and Vikram Chatwal ($20 million):

Let’s start with the wedding of Vikkram Chatwal. The cost for this wedding was made $20 million and it is another historical wedding in the world. They were married 18th February 2006 and it took place a maximum ten days. The wedding is spread into 3 cities in the India such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Udaipur. Almost 600 guests are coming to their wedding from 26 countries and they can retrieved the entire event.

Coleen McLoughlin and Wayne Rooney ($15 million):

To become cost of this wedding is $15 million. The location is very beautiful of the Italian Rivera on the yacht. The popular designer Georgia Chapman’s Marchesa is designed the dresses and the cost to design the dress across $4 million dollars. After ending the wedding party they can able the cost $5 million to publish their wedding pictures and exclusive information in Britain’s OK! Magazine.

Alessandro Vallarino Gancia and Delphine Arnault ($7 million):

The famous dress designer John Galliano designed the fancy dress for the bride. They were married in France, Cote d’ Azur. The place was decorated across 5000 white roses. This wedding is called “Wedding of the Year” according to the Harper’s Bazaar. The total cost of this wedding around $7 million.

Expensive Marriages

The famous dress designer John Galliano designed the fancy dress for the bride. Alessandro Vallarino Gancia and Delpline Arnault are married in the city France, the name of the city is Cote d’ Azur. Decoraters can decorate the place with around 5000 white roses. The Harper’s Bazaar also called the wedding as a “Wedding of the Year”. To become cost of this wedding is $7 million.