Mulk Movie Review- On the Way to Impress the Audience?


Bollywood movies are coming with more of the patriotic theme every now and then. The producers are focusing on making the films which convey a message of love for the nation and patriotism.

Mulk Movie Collection

After films such as Raazi and Parmanu, the director Anubhav Sinha has come with Mulk (2018). The film relates to the Islamic religion. It shows the prejudices of the world for the Islamic community. Mulk reveals that due to bad activities of certain people, the entire community gets humiliation.

The plot of the movie

Mulk movie review is a kind of investigative thriller which takes place in a courtroom. There is a nice discussion in the movie on the topics of morality and ethics.

The film starts with the celebration of Murad Ali Muhammed (Rishi Kapoor) who is a famous lawyer in Banaras. The members of his community, as well as locality, respect him a lot. The family member and neighbors have a delicious feast. The scene also shows Aarti (Taapsee Pannu) who is the daughter-in-law of Murad Ali Muhammed.

The movie takes the turn when suddenly Murad Ali Muhammed comes to know that his nephew Shahid is involved in a terrorist activity. The family gets into a trouble and their reputation is spoilt due to Shahid.

The role of Taapsee Pannu is noteworthy. She plays the role of Aarti who is daughter in law of Murad Ali Muhammed and tries to fight in the court for her family members.

Murad Ali Muhammed continuously expresses his love for the nation in the movie to protect him. The shooting of Mulk took place in Lucknow and Varanasi.

Mulk Movie Review
Mulk Movie Review
The message of the film (Mulk 2018 Movie Review)

Mulk is a good attempt by Anubhav Sinha to show the humiliation which the Muslim community faces due to a handful of persons. The director shows every aspect in a correct manner.

Rishi Kapoor has put his 100% on the film and his job was commendable. Anubhav Sinha clearly shows the differentiation between good members and bad members of Muslim community.

Ashutosh Rana plays the role of villain and his dialogues form special part in the movie. Manoj Pahwa’s role of Bilal is also a good one.

Mulk typically focuses on how terrorism connects with religion and shows that only some and not the whole community are into terrorist activities.

Music of Mulk

The music composers of Mulk are Mangesh Dhakde, Prasad Sashte, and Anurag Saikia. There are 3 songs in the movie. The songs are good and the background music is also good.


Mulk is overall a good movie with nice acting, music,and message to the entire community and country. You will especially like the role of Rishi Kapoor as he constantly fights in the court to prove that his family members have no connection with terrorist activities.

Moreover, Anubhav Sinha shows the recent movements taking place in the country such as Swach Bharat Abhiyan, forthcoming elections and demonetization.

Mulk is an interesting concept of terrorism after many years. In other words, it is a must-watch movie.

Mulk Movie Review
Mulk Movie Review
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