MyPillow Review- Produce The Best Quality Mattresses and Pillows?


Human brain and body need 7 to 8 hours of rest each day. You must have seen how irritating it would feel when you haven’t slept properly at night. There are numerous manufacturers in the market these days who say that they produce the best quality mattresses and pillows. Many people purchase the comfortable bed sheets and pillows to get a good sleep without back or neck pain. Along with good sleep, it is also important to give your body relief. Most of the people get back or neck pain due to the poor quality of bed sheets, mattresses, and pillows.


To solve these problems, Mike Lindell discovered MyPillow which is a good quality pillow for experiencing the sound sleep. It is one of the best quality pillows which may give you relief from back and neck pain while sleeping. It is a good product for those who want to have a relaxed sleep at night for a fresh morning.


The inventor of MyPillow, Mike Lindell got the idea of producing comfortable pillows by working in carpet cleaning business. After many efforts, he was successful in producing his own pillow. His motto was to provide the people a relief in neck and back while sleeping.

The pillow contains 100% pure cotton and they have interlocking fill. They are available in small, medium and large sizes according to the convenience of each person. There are also many colors available in these pillows for different age groups.

Further, these pillows also have Giza cotton which provides extra softness and durability. They are perfect for those who have regular back, hip or neck pain while sleeping.

How Does it Work?

Because of good quality cotton, MyPillow products are safe and effective ones for the body. They provide much relief to the back and neck. You won’t feel the pain when you wake up in the morning. It does not put force on the neck and you can also sleep comfortably with your stomach facing the bed.

These pillows will give you comfort in any sleeping position. These pillows are also safe for the spinal cord. They are also god for lateral sleeping and provide cushiony support on the mattresses.

The fill in these pillows make it easy for you to move the pillows. They also provide good comfort to the legs and lower back. Even the hips remain in a comfortable position without getting any pain.

Advantages of MyPillow Pillows
  • Provide good comfort

Sound sleep along with comfort is important. When you have a good quality of pillows, you will get up fresh in the morning. MyPillow pillows have a good quality of fill which may provide a cushiony comfort while sleeping. They are very soft and firm which may help your body to remain in an erect position.

  • Easily foldable

The pillows have shredded polyfoam which makes it simple for you to fold the pillows whenever you want. There will not be any linings on these pillows.

  • Machine washable

It is quite a difficult task to wash and clean pillows. But, it is not the same in the case of MyPillow pillows. They are very easy to wash by hand or in the machine. You can easily wash these pillows in either cold or warm cycle. Moreover, they are also easy to dry.

  • Contains 100% cotton

The pillows have 100& cotton which may give you a cool feeling during hot summers. They also absorb heat and you will not feel uncomfortable to sleep. Apart from this, they also contain cover fabrics which make them light products.

Different Products of MyPillow
  • Pillowcases

MyPillow also manufactures various kinds of pillowcases such as luxury pillowcases and Roll&Gopillowcase. They essentially contain Giza cotton which may provide extra comfort and ease while sleeping at night. They are available in different sizes and colors. You can even carry them while going on a trip.

  • Bed sheets

There are different sizes of bed sheets produced by MyPillow such as Twin set, Split King set, Queen set and others. These sheets contain Giza cotton and contain Sateen Weave.

  • Mattresses

MyPillow also produces a wide range of mattresses which have 4 layers. They provide comfort and support to the whole body while sleeping. Containing the superior quality materials, these mattresses are very soft and cool to use. They may give relief to the pressure points. You may not get sleep interruptions by sleeping on these high-quality mattresses.

  • Mattress Toppers

The mattress toppers have transitional foam which may give extra comfort and relief to the spine, neck, and back. Mattress Toppers may also aid in maintaining your body temperature throughout the night. They are easily washable in machine. They also have a 10-year warranty.

Additionally, MyPillow also produces many other products such as travel pillows, art pillowcases, pet beds, and travel pillows.

Reviews of Customers

MyPillow pillows have high ratings from all the customers who used them. Many of them stated that they got comfort and support to the neck, spine, and hips. Some of them revealed that the pillows are lightweight.

Most of the customers liked the fill levels as they do not cause sleeping interruptions. The females got a fluffy and cushiony support on their body after using these pillows.

Those females who had back problems because of using wring pillows found MyPillow an effective remedy for the back pain.

Where to buy it?

You can purchase MyPillow pillows and other products online from the official website ( only. There are also various offers available on the online purchase of these pillows. Avoid buying these pillows from any local stores as there are chances you may get a duplicate product.

MyPillows is, therefore, a leading brand manufacturing superior quality pillows, bed sheets, and mattresses. They are safe for your body and do not cause pain in any way.