Parental Tips How To Care For Babies In Winters?


Mothers love their babies boundlessly. It is the special bond which connects the babies with mothers. Every mother cares for her baby and looks after it each day. The babies may get ill until they turn 4 to 5 years of age. Winter is the season when babies get more illnesses than any other season. The cold temperature may cause harm to your kids and so it is the time when you have to take special care of your babies.

Reasons for taking special care of babies in winter

Winter is the time when babies may get cold, cough or fever often. This is due to the low temperature which increases the presence of bacteria in the atmosphere. Winter also causes the spread of viruses which may further affect the body of the babies. This will naturally allow all the diseases to harm your babies. So, every mother should pay attention to some important winter tips for the good health of their babies.

Diseases commonly found in babies during the winter season

As the immunity of the babies is weak during the winter season, there are many infections likely to harm the babies. Some of the most commonly found diseases in the babies are as follows:

  • They may get the viral infections in the body.
  • There are more chances of airborne diseases such as cold, cough and fever.
  • The babies may get any type of flu due to the presence of more viruses and bacteria in the atmosphere.
  • Influenza, croup, and bronchiolitis are also some of the most common diseases found in the babies during the winter.
  • Your baby may get breathing problem due to the extremely cold temperature outside.
  • The viruses can also affect the respiratory tract which may bring many respiratory diseases.
Symptoms of diseases in babies during the winter season

The babies may get mild or strong symptoms of winter infections. If your baby is also affected by some of the other winter infections, you can know from the following symptoms:

  • The babies will vomit when they get a cough or cold.
  • Winter infections can also cause a runny nose or fever in babies.
  • They may get inflammation in the lungs. If you notice any redness or inflammation on the skin of your babies, it may be due to winter infection.
  • The babies can’t sleep peacefully at night and they start to cry due to pain or inflammation in any part of the body.
  • Wheezing and coughing are common symptoms of winter infection in babies.
  • The babies may short breaths or trouble in breathing during winter.
  • They can also get headaches or fever often in winter.
  • The babies also get pain in the chest due to which they cry.
  • They may sneeze often which is the common symptom of a cold.
Special winter tips for babies

There are some of the best parental tips which every mother should follow especially during the winter season for babies. These tips will protect the health of the babies when there is extremely low temperature outside.

  1. Switch on heating appliances

As it is very cold outside, you should maintain a normal temperature inside your house. You should buy high-quality heating appliances from the market such as humidifier, heaters, and geysers. You should keep them on for the full day to set a room temperature inside the house. If you have old heating appliances, you should get them checked from a good technician.

  1. Body massage

One of the best parental tips during winter time is to massage the baby with good quality baby oil. Body massage is even suggested by topnotch doctors. Massaging the body of the baby will increase the blood supply in the body. The body massage will provide more heat and makes the immune healthy too.

  1. Warm clothes

While choosing the clothes for your baby, you must be very careful. You should go for clothes which give a warm feel to the body of your babies. Nowadays, there are a variety of sweaters and woolen jackets available in the market for the babies. These woolen clothes are very comfortable to wear and protect the body of the babies. Moreover, they also look stylish.

  1. No overuse of soaps or other creams

There are numerous baby products in the market such as baby hair oil, baby shampoo, soap, and other creams. You can use these products once or twice in a week and not more than that. Overuse of soap or creams on the baby’s skin makes it dry and rough. So, using soap and shampoo once a week is one of the most effective winter tips.

  1. Cleanliness

Hygiene is an important factor during the winter season especially when it comes to babies. You must give the baby a warm bath every 1 or 2 days. The warm baths will provide heat in their body. They also clean the skin and protect the body from infections. You should wash the undergarments of your baby with an effective solution and mild soap every day.

  1. Apply moisturizer

Just like our skin becomes dry, the skin of the babies also becomes dry during the winter season. You can buy a moisturizer from the market containing all the natural ingredients such as milk and butter. You can also go for a skin lotion which will bring the natural glow in your baby’s skin. It prevents the skin of the baby from getting dry or cracked.

  1. Proper vaccination

You should get your baby vaccinated regularly. Proper vaccination will keep away the harmful diseases such as cold, cough, fever and flu. You should take your baby for a routine check-up to a good physician. This will protect your baby from any diseases and timely treatment can be done if the baby gets any disease.

  1. No blankets

Blankets can provide the warmth but they are not actually safe to use for babies. Putting a blanket on the face of the baby may stop its breathing. Overuse of blankets can cause redness and skin rashes on the body of the babies. So, one of the best parental tips is to use a light blanket which will keep the body warm.

  1. Breastfeeding

You should breastfeed your baby, especially during the winter season. Mother’s milk is good for the health of the baby. It provides nutrients and vitamins to the baby which can protect them from harmful diseases. Breastfeeding strengthens the immunity as well.

  1. Take care while taking the baby out 

You should avoid taking your baby outdoors when there is an extremely cold temperature. The cold climate will harm your baby instantly. Make sure that you take out your baby during the daytime as sunlight will keep their body warm and protect it from virus and diseases.

11. Balanced Diet 

Nutritious food is necessary for the health of your baby during the winter season. You should give porridge and soups to your baby. You can prepare a variety of soups for your baby by mixing different vegetables. You can use veggies such as tomatoes, garlic, carrots and broccoli for making soup. You can also use garlic in the soup for improving the immunity of your child.

12. Maintain your hygiene 

Before you touch your baby, make sure your hands are clean. You should wash your hands with hand wash or sanitizer which will kill the germs. If anyone else touches your baby, you should tell them to wash their hands first. Hygiene is the most important thing to be followed during the winter season.

13. Maintain a warm temperature in the house 

One of the best winter tips is to close the doors and windows to protect the cold wind entering the home. This will automatically make the temperature at home warm and normal.

Additional parental tips for the babies in winter 

There are also some other golden winter tips which you should follow being a parent.

  • You should give boiled and clean water to your babies in the winter season to protect them from water-borne
  • You should not allow any outsider to come near your baby as the germs and viruses may spread causing them ill.
  • Make sure that your baby gets enough rest and sleep in the winter season.
  • If your baby has a cough or a runny nose, you should clean their nose with a clean napkin or handkerchief. Additionally, you should wash the handkerchiefs with antiseptic
  • You can cover the body of your baby with scarves or gloves to protect them from cold.

These are the best parental tips which every mother should follow in the winter season. Winter is the time when the mothers have to take care of everything when it comes to their babies.

These winter tips will surely keep your baby healthy and fit in every winter.