15 Portable Health Gadgets That Can Change Your Way of Life


Health is in your hands is the proverb which has been proven true by some of the smartest portable health gadgets today. Science has blessed humans with smartphones and tablets which are the most useful gadgets in recent times. From booking a cab to availing the services of a doctor, smartphones provide us with all the comforts.

Some years back, we used to visit the doctor if we got a fever or any other disease. But today, there are the best portable health gadgets which will take care of your health. Let us have a glance at those health gadgets.

Top 15 Portable Health Gadgets

  1. Gluten Tester

Gluten is present in many food items such as wheat, oats and other cereals. It is harmful to the functioning of the body and so doctors suggest consuming gluten-free food items as much as possible. Unknowingly, we consume many foods containing gluten. Nima, the latest gadget which can check the amount of gluten a food item contains. It is also easy to carry anywhere. This gadget can detect about 20 mg of gluten. Many people with celiac diseases found Gluten tester a useful product.

Gluten Tester

  1. One X

The next on the list of best portable health gadgets is One X. With the help of this device, you can know the number of skin molecules. These are molecules in the skin which increase or decrease with different routine factors such as pollution, sleep, sun exposure, and others. Further, One X sensor will give the exact balance of skin carotenoids for a better life. This gadget also has many features such as fingerprint recognition and beautiful design. It also gives a better quality of sleep and the ways of eating and drinking.

  1. Teeth Whitener

It is a very difficult task to get white teeth. They say that toothpaste made from natural herbs may give that shine in your teeth but it is not so. If you are among thousands who want white and bright teeth, you can use Teeth Whitener by GLO. It is a robust gadget which will provide you 5 times whiter teeth than before in just 5 days. This gadget comes with lip balm, whitening gel, and mouthpiece. You have to follow 8-minute sessions daily to get healthier and whiter teeth.

  1. Fitness Tracker by LEAF

Now, you will not have to worry if by mistake you walk or run less in a day. LEAF fitness tracker is there to notify you every moment. Easy to take anywhere, this is one of the best portable health gadgets for both men and women. It will track each and every activity of your days such as eating, walking, workout, sleeping, and others. It will also show you the distance covered by various activities such as running, cycling, jogging and walking.

  1. Personal EKG

Simple to operate, EKG device by KardiaMobile is one of the smartest devices in today’s world. This device is also recommended by many topmost doctors. It will show your heart beat within 30 seconds. This heart monitor has a large store where you can store all your reports. You can also mail these reports to the doctors in case of urgency. EKG monitor is small in size and has no patches or wires. You just have to put fingers on this device for knowing your results.

  1. MOCAheart

Having PG and EKG sensors, MOCAheart tracks the velocity of the pulse wave. It will also provide you the heart rate within few seconds. While traveling to long distance places, you can take this small heart health tracker in a handbag or suitcase. It will also show you the amount of blood oxygen in your body. The results shown by MOCAheart health tracker are very accurate and you can trust them. You can also see the graphs for knowing your heart health and share them with the family doctor.

  1. Tracker-Watch Hybrid

There are many fitness tracker watches today in the market. They track most of your activities such as calories burnt with walking or running, hours we sleep and other activities. The fitness tracker watch has a metal coating and a silicone strap. This watch works on a cell battery which can run for more than 8 months. You can connect this fitness tracker watch with iOS and Android devices both. When you wear this watch on your wrist, it looks stylish and you can also know your health well.

  1. Smartphone Breathalyzer

Smartphone Breathalyzer is one of the best portable health gadgets which help people suffering from asthma. It gives the most accurate results within some seconds. The results shown by this device depend on the food you ate and the amount of water you drank. You can breathe with this device and later, the results will arrive on your iOS or Android phone. It also calls a cab for you in urgent situations and you can also see the restaurants in the nearby location with this device.

  1. Nora

Do you snore a lot? You can order Nora which is a snoring device. It is a smart and portable health gadget which you can place it on the table of your bedroom. Nora works in simple steps. It checks your snoring and goes under the pillow to stop snoring. The device also changes your head placements so that you do not snore. This anti-snoring device will give relaxation to your throat muscles and help in curing the problem of snoring forever.

  1. Brain Headband

Brain sensing headbands track the functioning of your brain while doing various activities. They consist of EEG sensors which show your brain activity. While doing meditation, this headband will play various sounds by which your brain slips in a relaxation mode. The headphones are built in within the device. It has beautiful sounds of birds, raindrops or beach which will give you a more pleasant feeling. You can take it with you during yoga sessions or long trips. It has good flexibility and the battery is very powerful.

  1. Lumo Lift

The next on the list of best portable health gadgets is Lumo Lift. It is a device which will keep your body in an erect position. If you are sitting in a wrong way, this smart device will help you correct that. It also helps you in keeping the back straight which will protect it from any pain. It is lightweight and small in size which you can take it with you anytime. Additionally, Lumo Lift also shows the distance covered by you while walking, running or jogging and the calories that you lost.

  1. Pain Relief Wand

Pain relief wand is one of the best portable health devices which you should carry anywhere you go. If you are the one who gets back pain, muscle pain or pain in other parts of the body quite often, you can order this device. This relief wand provides coolness to muscles or back instantly. This health gadget is a boon to the patients who have joint problem and Arthritis. It also increases the blood supply in various parts of the body.

  1. Electric Toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush is a unique invention by science. It gives stronger teeth as well as healthier gums. Brushing the teeth for more than 2 minutes often affects the gums. The electric toothbrushes come with a time of 2 minutes so that you don’t have to remember the time while brushing. The modern technology can remove the plaque completely from your teeth leaving them whiter and brighter than before. It also reaches the places where the normal toothbrush can’t just reach.

  1. Portable Water Purifier

It is often an issue to get pure water whenever we are traveling to different places. You can now purchase a portable water purifier which is a small device to purify the dirty water. This device can kill all the germs, viruses and bacteria in the water thereby making it fit for drinking. It comes with the strong lithium-ion battery which will run for many hours during the long distance trips. This water purifier can clean the water in just 50 seconds.

  1. Thermo

The last one on the list is Thermo. It is undoubtedly one of the best portable health gadgets which you should buy. It consists of 16 infrared sensors which will check the body temperature within a few seconds. Further, it has HotSpotSensor Technology which will provide correct results. Unlike normal thermometers, you have to check the body temperature by placing this thermometer on your skin and not in the mouth.


Whenever you are going for a long tour with your family members, you should have some of these best portable health gadgets in your bag. They are essential for a quality life and will provide you relief in urgent situations.

After using these latest health gadgets, you will get a healthier and stronger body than before. They also keep the harmful diseases away from touching you.