Qi-X Charging Pad Reviews: Dual Phone Charging Pad, Price & Discounts


Qi-X Wireless Dual Charging Pad: It is a cord-free wireless fast charger. It is lightweight and long lasting device. Get upto 60% instant off in USA.

How Does Qi-X Dual Charging Pad Work To Keep Your Smart Devices Charged For Many Hours?

A mobile phone is the most important gadget of our daily life. A day or two without a mobile phone stops and affects your daily routine. You cannot do important tasks in your home, offices or other things without a mobile. Whenever we are going for a business tour or camping, we first charge our phones. By charging the phone once, you can use it for a maximum of 5 to 6 hours.

You can now replace your temporary phone chargers with Qi-X Wireless Dual Charging Pad. It is a good tool to charge your phones in a smart way.

What does it contain?

The Qi-X Wireless Dual Charging Pad is made from rich quality materials tested by good engineers and technicians. These materials may not cause skin allergies or harmful side effects in the body. The charging mat of this charging pad is smooth and does not damage the body of your devices.

Further, the design of this charging pad is such that the body of this pad does not heat while charging the mobile phones. This charging pad is tested by an experienced team and charges every mobile phone of all brands.

Benefits of Qi-X charging pad

  1. Charges 2 phones together

Many of us love to keep 2 mobile phones because of business purpose or for no reason. The normal charger can charge one phone at a time. On the other hand, the all-new Qi-X Dual Charging Pad can charge 2 phones at the same time. You can do your work at a faster speed by charging your 2 phones and send emails and do other tasks.

  1. Wireless charger

Have you got tired of removing tangles of your charger? Then you must choose Qi-X Wireless Dual Charging Pad. It has no wires or cords which get tangled with one another. You have to put your mobile phones on this charging pad and let them charge. It saves a lot of time and efforts when you want to charge your mobile phones.

  1. Speedy charging of phones

The ordinary chargers take a lot of time to charge mobile phones. On the other hand, the Qi-X Dual Charging Pad gives a good performance. It may charge your 2 mobile phones faster than other normal chargers. It has a thin body which charges the devices in a speedy manner. It helps you to charge your phones faster when you want to make important phone calls.

  1. Protects your battery

Most of the chargers increase the heat of the phone’s batteries. This is one of the most dangerous signs that are common in cheap phone chargers. The normal chargers decrease the life of your phone’s batteries. Due to increased heat, the batteries may explode. Qi-X Wireless Dual Charging Pad does not heat during the process of charging. It may increase the life of your phone’s battery.

  1. Lightweight tool

Unlike other heavy phone chargers, Qi-X Wireless Dual Charging Pad is a lightweight charger. It can be easily placed in any laptop bag, backpack, suitcase, or even handbag. You can carry it with ease and comfort to any place.

  1. LED indicator

While charging the mobile phones, you will not come to know when the phone is fully charged. Qi-X Dual Charging Pad shows you the process of charging with LED lights. You can know that the device is charging.


  1. I am James, a businessman from Ohio. I have 2 mobile phones, one for personal use and another for work purpose. I have to charge my phone daily for work. The normal chargers make the batteries warm. Then I came to know about Qi-X Dual Charging Pad. It is a good tool and extends the life of the phone’s battery.
  2. I am Tom, a college student. A few months back, I used to carry the heavyweight chargers while going on trips with friends. They used to tangle badly and I found it really a tough task to detangle them. One of my friends told me about Qi-X Wireless Dual Charging Pad. It is lightweight and easy to use the charger.

Reviews of the customers

People simply love using Qi-X Wireless Dual Charging Pad for charging their mobile phones. They say that it is lightweight and nice charging pad. Some people say that it is a portable charging pad and does not damage the batteries of their phones. Few customers say that their mobile phones get charged faster thereby saving the time.

Where to buy this product from?

The official site is the only place to get Qi-X Dual Charging Pad. To order the product, you must first fill the form by giving all your personal details in it. You have to then make the payment by cash or credit card. The product will reach you within a few days.

The Qi-X Wireless Dual Charging Pad is the necessary tool for your mobile phones.