8 Natural Remedies for Lower Back Pain


Lower back pain has become a very common medical condition that plagues every individual. There are many causes of lower back pain. Maybe you have bent the wrong way or injured your back by falling down. Whatever the reason is one from four people are suffering from back pain all over the world. 

It is a known fact that everyone would have experienced or will experience lower back pain once or more than that in their lifetime. Here are some of the remedies that work like a magic for lower back pain at home only.

1} Get Enough Sleep

Yeah, sleeping will help you to get through lower back pain. It is difficult to sleep when you are suffering from pain, but try hard to get good sleep, a peaceful sleep will help in curing the pain.

2} Go Cold as Well as Hot

Get a cold pack with ice cubes and apply it on your lower back for 20 minutes. Repeat this several times for two days. Then switch to hot pack. Apply it for 20 minutes similarly like the cold pack for several sessions a day. Cold packs help in relieving from swelling while hot pack helps in loosening the tightened muscles, increases the blood circulation bringing extra oxygen.

3} Exercise as Much As You Can

The spinal cord is similar to other body parts and requires movement. When you are suffering from pain, don’t go for heavy exercises or aerobics. Limit yourselves to doing normal activities and walking. Once you feel better to start exercises, aerobics and swimming. This will regulate the movement of the spinal cord giving you the ease of pain.

4} Stretch Yourselves

Never ever sit in a position for more than 20-30 minutes. Give yourself a break and stretch your body. Stretch backward once in 20 minutes which will give some rest to your back.

5} Go Ergonomic

The main reason for lower back pain in most of the cases is their seating arrangement in office. Change your seating arrangement according to your needs. Use an ergonomic chair which supports your lower back thus relieving the lower back pain.

6} Wear Low Heels

Sad but the truth, heels are also responsible for lower back pain. So avoid wearing 3 or 4-inch heels and stick to 1-inch heel at maximum. Health is more important than looks so it is better to avoid the heels rather than suffering from back pain.

7} Quit Smoking

It is a well-known fact that smoking has adverse effects on our health. Smoking can cause Osteoporosis and other bone problems for the spine. In a recent search, it has been found that lower back pain has more effect on smokers compared to non-smokers.

8} Use Painkillers

Painkillers aren’t a permanent solution for back pain but they help in solving the problem for some time. Pop in some painkillers and take some rest. This helps in relieving the pain and after that do some exercises which will help in solving the problem.

These are some of the remedies that work on back pain at home only. If your back pain hasn’t been cured by any of the above remedies than it is mandatory to consult a doctor. Never neglect the back pain because it may lead to some dangerous health issues.