RockFit FitBit Fitness Watch Reviews: Features, Specifications & Price


RockFit FitBit Fitness Tracker Smartwatch gives you real-time health & fitness insights, tracks your progress & guides you to reach your goals, everyday.

RockFit Fitbit Fitness Tracker

RockFit Tracker Features

See Your Progress

RockFit counts steps, exercises, and distance traveled. You’ll instantly know how active you are, get real-time data, and can track all the progress from your wrist.

Stay Fit And Healthy

Tracks calorie-burn instantly and watches your progress in over a dozen activities with our multi-sport mode. It’s the smarter way to stay fit and healthy 24/7.

Inactivity Reminders

Staying active can be a job in itself! But RockFit tells you instantly if it’s been too long since you’ve moved around, and gently nudges you to get up and get active.

RockFit Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Sleep Better

Monitoring your sleep has never been this easy. RockFit keeps a watchful eye on your sleep habits, tracks the quality of your sleep and guides you to a deeper, sounder sleep.

Monitor Your Heart

RockFit’s optical “green-light” tech monitors changes in heart rate and blood pressure, and the heart sensor gives actionable insights during activity, so you stay healthy.

Connect Instantly

With Bluetooth 4.0+ and iOS/Android compatibility, track all your metrics on your watch and phone app, as well as get text and call reminders, take pictures, and more.

Advanced Fitness Tracking

Staying active isn’t always easy, but RockFit makes it a walk in the park. With built-in inactivity reminders, goal tracking, multi-sport modes, and more, you’ll always get the push you need to stay fit. Plus, RockFit tracks your calories burned, steps, sleep quality and more, so you can get closer to your fitness goals every day, and take back control of your health.

RockFit Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Use It Anywhere, Anytime

No matter where your day takes you, RockFit is ready for the challenge. With a premium, comfortable wrist-band that’s sweat, dust and water-resistant, you can take on just about anything without worry, whether playing sports, traveling the world, or just doing chores at home. Plus, it’s powerful 7 day standby battery and cable-free USB charging means it is built-to-last.