New Launches- Samsung Portable SSD X5 in India


Storage is one of the most important factors which all of us consider before buying any device. We have to store big files, folders, and documents on our device for each day’s work. The images, videos, and movies also consume large storage. The problem of less memory will cause the phone to hang.

Samsung portable ssd x5

Samsung brought a Portable SSD X5 just to solve the problem of storing files and folders on the device. It is a memory based solid drive. This device is designed with a view to giving comfort to content writers, engineers, designers and IT professionals for storing large data.

Features of Portable SSD X5

This device has the fast speed of transferring 4K UHD video of huge 20GB size within 12 seconds. You can easily transfer all your big sized movies and TV shows and other content within a few minutes. Portable SSD X5 will be a good option in large, medium and small companies for transferring data fast.

Further, the device also includes a read speed of up to 2,800MBps. It can load the data with fast speed. Additionally, it also offers the write speed of 2,300MBps. You can easily carry it anywhere in the flight or bus or car with you for your office or project work.

You can use this device on PC and Macs. It consists of Thunderbolt 3 ports. It has one of the biggest advantages which other devices may not have. There is a feature of thermal management and password protection for security. However, it does not work on PCs which have only a USB interface.

The drive has modernized technology for giving more storage to the professionals and engineers. It provides the speedy bandwidth up to 40 GB/s for excellent lightning speed and performance. Due to the use of a heat sink in the device, the temperature remains below 45 degree Celsius.

Apart from this, it has magnesium alloy which can withstand a 2m drop. The internal free fall shock test was done before introducing the product in the market. The password protection contains AES 256-bit encryption for securing private information.

In addition to this, the device comes with a 3-year warranty from the company.

Other specifications of the drive

The body of Portable SSD X5 has a shiny finish and bottom mat which does not easily slip. The bottom will give you the convenience to place it anywhere without worrying about the slip.

The internal frame is designed in such a way that one will not get the shock. It also includes the Dynamic Thermal Guard technology which provides protection to the device from overheating. It also helps in maintaining the optimal temperatures.

The drive is also lightweight having the measurement of 119×6.2×19.7mm and weight of 150 grams. With the introduction of Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, this drive operates faster than the normal USB 3.1. It is also 25 times faster than external HDDs.

Whether you want to transfer music videos, UHD videos, 3D images, high-resolution photos or any other files, the device will do them within a few seconds. Thus, it is a useful product for designers and engineers who have to store multimedia files and software on their devices.

samsung portable ssd x5

The drive has superior performance levels and it is also durable. You can save much time by using this drive. It comes in 3 sizes, 500 GB model, 1TB model and 2TB premium version. The shipment has already started on September 3rd.

It is, however, smaller than most of the Android smartphones available in the market. The length of the drive is 4.7 inches with width 2.4 inches. Those who love high-resolution photos can use Portable SSD X5.

Final words

The demand is high for this product and the professionals are eagerly waiting for buying this drive. Portable SSD X5 will outwit all the usual USBs and other devices in terms of speed and performance. It also has a simple configuration.

You can order Portable SSD X5 online from Amazon and make payment with debit or credit cards. This drive will surely help both youngsters and working people to store and transfer large files, videos, folders, and documents within few seconds.