Toronto Shooting News- Again A Terrorism Attack, World News Update


Sunday, 22nd July, Incidents of mass shootings in the USA and Canada have always been in the news. A shooting took place at Danforth Avenue, Greek town before 2 days. The incident happened somewhere around 10 pm on Sunday, 22nd July which claimed 2 lives and about 13 people were severely injured.

Toronto is one of the most developed cities in Canada and this happening has really resulted in the fear among the locals. The media released the video clip which showed the man was walking on the sides of Greektown neighborhood with a handgun and fired at the civilians.

As the firing started, the people began to run and there was a chaos on the road. People were running to save their lives and after killing 2 civilians and injuring 13, the man ran away and later was found dead on Danforth Avenue by the police.

As per the police reports, the deceased ones included young women and a small girl. The name of the shooter is not yet found by the police and the reason behind the shooting is also unknown. The people who were present at the incident spot reported to the police that there were 20 gunshots by the gunman.

The shooting was not continuous as told by the locals who witnessed the whole indecent. They heard the shots and the fire stopped for some time. It was started later again.

The locals called the emergency services just after the incident and the exact location where the incident happened was a piazza with a fountain. The shooter chose the most popular spot in the city where people are found in huge number always.

Some of the people in the cafe were also hurt. The investigating officer of the case reported that the shooter was tracked by them within the vicinity of the café. The gunfire took place and the gunman escaped but was finally found dead.

Later, the police put a cordon around the area where the incident took place. The investigating team is still searching for the proofs and evidence to know the exact reason for this incident. The people are very horrified by the incident and some others who were on their routine walk fear to roam around the city.

The police are not able to find much information about the gunman but the only thing which is known is that he was a local citizen and his age was 29 years old. However, a young employee working at the café alongside Danforth Avenue informed that she saw the face of the shooter. She informed the police that the man had normal height and wore a black cap with dark clothes. He had light skin.

This incident is just shortly after the killings of 10 people in the north end by a man which terrorized the city almost. As per the statistics reported by the police, the city faced 220 shootings this year which injured nearly 27 people while looking at the last year’s statistics, there were 196 shootings injuring about 17 people.

After these dangerous incidents, the police of the country introduced “gun violence reduction plan”. More than 200 officers are hired for night shifts from 7 pm to 3 am.

The civic authorities blame the ready availability of guns as the major cause for frequent shootings that are happening in the city from last few years. They are finding a better and permanent solution to stop the weapons from being sold to many locals.

Canada has relatively less shooting incidents as compared to the US. But, the police and investing teams must take a strict action for stopping such dangerous happenings.