Should Pets Sleep on The Bed with You


Pets are our darling and they keep the atmosphere happy. They are our partners in happiness and sadness both. To some pet owners, their pets are dearer than family members. Many people have the habit to keep their pets always with them even while sleeping. One of the reasons for these habits is that their pets make them feel good and they support them mentally.

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As per the studies by experts, there are many advantages of sleeping with pets. But, there are disadvantages as well. Let us have a look at both the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping with pets.

  • They Will Give Protection to You

When you have your pets near you on your bed, you can have a sound sleep. They will protect you as well as your home too. They have a great sense of hearing and will soon react when there is any burglary or theft at home. You will feel protected with dogs and cats on the bed.

  • Gives You Relaxation

One of the major advantages of sleeping with pets is that they will give your mind a relaxed feel. Whenever you are sad or tensed, you can sleep with your pets. They will heal your wounds and give you a calm feeling. You can overcome your pain within some minutes when your pets are near you.

  • Makes You Feel Comfortable

Many of us get nightmares which disturb the sleep. With a dog or a cat nearby, you will get more comfortable. You will get a good company with pets if you are alone at home. Sleeping with pets will give you a better and sound sleep.

  • Good Background Noise

If you have insomnia or other sleep disorders, the pet will cure them easily. When you sleep with your pets, it feels amazing and their breathing sounds will give you a deep sleep. The pets will give a soothing sensation to the mind as well as body.

  • They Act as An Alarm

The furry friend will become your alarm every morning if you keep the habit to sleep with your pets. They will wake up at a fixed time and also wake up you for their breakfast. One of the biggest advantages of sleeping with pets is that you can trust them when the alarm is not set.

  • Gets You Closer to Your Pets

Your bonding with your pets will become stronger if you develop a habit of sleeping with them daily. The pets will give you a good feeling and support you in difficult times also. They will know your feelings at once and heal the pain too.

  • Provides You Warmth

It is the best idea to sleep with your pets during cold nights. Their fur will keep you cozy in bed and provide you warmth too. You will simply love having your pets beside you in cold winters.


There are several disadvantages of sleeping with pets. They are as under:

  • Increases Health Problems

The dog hair contains allergens. These allergens are not good for people with sensitive skin. So, in order to prevent the skin from harmful reactions, the people with allergies should avoid sleeping with their pets. The dog or cat hair can cause severe health problems to such people. It is better to leave the dog out of your room if you have allergies.

  • Your Partner May Not Like It

One of the biggest disadvantages of sleeping with pets is that it may weaken the bonding between you and your partner. It will disturb your privacy and your partner will not like the dogs getting closer to you.

  • They Can Take Too Much Space

If you have a large sized dog, it will take more than half of the space on your bed while sleeping. This will leave a very little space on the bed for you and your partner. It disturbs the sleep and you will feel uncomfortable in the middle of the sleep. So, it is better not to allow your pets to sleep with you on your bed.

  • Pet Hair Causes A Problem

While sleeping with your pets, you should be ready to clean the bedroom completely in the morning. Pet hair gets spread all over the floor and on the bed when you sleep with pets. The pet hair is not good for health and also causes various respiratory and health problems such as asthma and allergies. It is a very time-consuming task to clean the whole bedroom with a vacuum cleaner to remove the pet hair.

  • They May Wake Up You for Bathroom

One of the major disadvantages of sleeping with pets is that they wake up you at midnight for the bathroom. It will break your sleep and you will feel tired and weak next morning due to lack of sleep. The pets can also wake up you several times at night which will cause a hurdle in the sound sleep.

  • They Snore A Lot

Dogs snore a lot which has irritating noise. The nose of their snores will wake up you at night and you cannot sleep well. They can even kick you while sleeping which may cause injury at night. It is best to sleep away from your pets to avoid such accidents at night.

  • They Make the Bed Dirty

If you want to sleep with your furry companion every night, you should sleep on the dirty bed. Dogs and cats spoil the bed with their hair. With dirt and pet hair, anyone can hardly sleep at night.


It is true that pets make our lives better but they can also cause a problem at the same time. It is important to tie a strong bond with your pets but in a harmless way. Although there are many advantages of sleeping with pets, they can also give health problems. It is again a matter of personal choice and the bonding with your pets whether you want to sleep with them or not.